10 countries with more demand for plastic surgery

It is true that all of us, or most of us, have things that we want to change about ourselves, but sometimes it can get out of hand and become practically an addiction. And thanks to plastic surgery, it 's possible that we change what we don't like. It aims to reconstruct a part of the body, which for medical or aesthetic reasons, the person wants to change. Therefore, plastic surgery is divided into two facets, the repair and the aesthetic.



The plastic surgery reconstructive aims to correct disfiguring injuries, congenital or acquired defects. Aesthetics, on the other hand, are performed by the patient with the objective of making improvements in appearance and do not actually aim to make any adjustments in terms of health (although this may be possible) but rather to reach the physical aspect that pleases the patient who undergoes the intervention .


In any plastic surgery , it is intended that the affected area maintains its functioning and, as far as possible, that it preserves a natural aspect. But there are also those that aim to deny the natural appearance and do it in a completely different way.


Over the years, the demand for this type of surgery has increased worldwide. According to the most recent Annual International Survey on Aesthetic Procedures, which was published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the end of 2019, it was very clear how popular plastic surgery is around the world. Here we show the countries where plastics are most used and which are the most common types.

1 - United States

The country is the first place in plastic surgery. The number of surgical procedures is 1,492,383 and the non-surgical ones are 2,869,485, totaling 4,361,867. This number transformed into a total percentage of the world is 18.7%.

2 - Brazil

Brazil is in second place in the ranking of more plastic surgeries performed. There are 1,498,327 surgical procedures and 769,078 non-surgical procedures. Altogether, there are 2,267,405, a total of 9.7% of the world.

3 - Mexico

In Mexico, 518,046 surgical procedures and 525,200 non-surgical procedures are performed. In total, the country performs 1,043,247 plastic surgeries, of which 4.5% are worldwide.

4 - Germany

The country has 385,906 surgical procedures and 536,150 non-surgical procedures. With a total of 922,056 procedures with 4% total in the world.

5 - India

The fifth country that performs more plastics is India. Performing 390,793 surgical and 505,103 non-surgical procedures. The country performs a total of 895,896 procedures, which is 3.9% total in the world.

6 - Italy

The country has 311,456 surgical procedures, 542,752 non-surgical procedures, with a total of 854,208 cosmetic procedures performed. This gives a total 3.7% in the world.

7 – Argentina

Argentina perform 380,555 surgical procedures and 328,405 non-surgical procedures. This leaves Argentina with a total of 608,960 procedures performed and 2.6% worldwide.

8 - Colombia

In Colombia, 408,789 aesthetic procedures are performed. Of which 273,316 are surgical, 135,473 are non-surgical. In the world, the country has 1.8%.

9 - Australia

The country known for its strange animals also performs many aesthetic procedures. Altogether, 202,642. Of these, 102,404 are surgical and 100,238 are non-surgical. Which means that the country has a total percentage in the world of 0.9%.

10 - Thailand

The country is tenth in raking. In Thailand, 105,105 surgical procedures and 35,018 non-surgical procedures are performed. Totaling 140,123 aesthetic procedures. This leaves the country with 0.6% in the world.

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