August 10, 2020

10 Promising and Prospective Agricultural Business

10 Promising and Prospective Agricultural Business

Looking for business opportunities in the Agricultural sector today is no less interesting than in other areas. Even now there are many businesses in the Agriculture along with the activities and dynamics of the people who are no less busy in doing another job.

Business opportunities are always related to the potential around them. Not only the availability of raw materials to make their products but also the environmental feasibility of the place of business.

Running an Agricultural business not always aimed at the market of the village community. Especially with the increasingly sophisticated communication technology to make available a large niche market. You can even market products throughout Nigeria.

Variety of Business Opportunities in Agricultural Business

For those of you who invest in Agricultural business are confused about what business you want to go through, here are various business opportunities in a promising Agriculture. You can choose according to your interests and capital availability.

  1. Organic Agriculture

If you have agricultural land, you can try organic farming. Today many people need organic rice which is healthier than ordinary rice. But in order to succeed in doing market research so that your product sells.

  1. Chicken and Poultry Livestock

Chicken and poultry farming business can also be a promising business opportunity in Agriculture. Not a few chicken poultry owner is able to make enough money because of people depend on the supply of poultry meat from the village.

To build a large poultry farming business you are not enough to raise dozens of poultry alone. You need to apply semi-intensive or intensive methods with modern management.

  1. Fish Cattle

Another promising business opportunity in Agriculture is fish farming. The extent of land in the countryside can be used for catfish, carp, tilapia, catfish, and other freshwater fishes.

You can run a fish rearing or rearing business. If capital is limited, start from one or two ponds. Moreover, the price of fish seeds is quite cheap. What needs to be prepared is the feed which takes up half the total cost needed.

  1. Beauty Salons

The dynamics of an increasingly modern village community also requires beauty services. Beauty makes up services can be a business opportunity in prospective Agriculture. Good services for facial care, makeup, or haircut.

5. Furniture Business

If your village has many forests or large trees, it is very good to run a furniture or home furniture business. To be unique, the shape of furniture with different designs in order to have added value for your business.

  1. Mushroom Cultivation

There are many types of mushrooms that are delicious to consume. Not a few restaurants in the city who need it. Such as straw mushrooms, ear mushrooms, button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, or shitake mushrooms. This business also does not require large capital.

  1. maggot farming

Do you know if big red ants are also potential to be farmed? Opportunity for ideas in this Agriculture is very potential because the ants rang or maggot is suitably cultivated. maggot is needed by the birds chirping or for fish.

  1. Worm farming

As previously discussed, worm cattle can provide a very large income seriously. Not a few cosmetics and drug industries that need this earthworm.

  1. Make Food Products

A business opportunity in an Agriculture that is no less promising is making food products with available ingredients. Bulbs, bananas, vegetables are natural ingredients that are highly nutritious that are processed into snacks and food products.

  1. Groceries Suppliers

The Agriculture business is known for being rich in groceries. You can manage the abundance of food in the village to be distributed to the city. You can search for markets that need your basic food supply and send it continuously.

Those are various promising and prospective business opportunities in Agriculture. Try to build a business from below with modest capital. If run seriously it is not impossible that your business will be successful.