August 10, 2020

10 sign to know if your soul is tired

10 sign to know if your soul is tired

How do you know if your soul is tired? When your soul is tired, you can suffer from various symptoms that can drastically affect the quality of your life. Fatigue can affect the mind so that people no longer have a good feeling to do something.

In life, there are times when a person feels overwhelmed and no longer able to control his emotions. The brain becomes stuck due to the demands of life. Life problems and endless daily activities make a person physically and mentally exhausted from too much accumulation in his emotions.

In the modern world, it involves constant work, tension, stress that causes lack of sleep and exercise. The effect can be sick and need help, such as medicine. If you experience this, it is actually not the body that feels tired, but your soul is tired.

There are some signs that your soul is tired. It may seem insignificant, but it can create great discomfort and problems. Here are the signs that someone’s soul feels tired.

Impaired Sleep Quality

When your soul is tired, the quality of sleep will be disturbed. Like not feeling good, often have nightmares and are always delirious.

Then, like there is a feeling of the wedge in the chest, and it is a sign that one’s soul has saved a lot of burdens. The impact of harbouring envy, anger, and fear that is only stored in the soul makes the body become not fresh when you wake up, even though enough hours of sleep.

Not many people experience it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, even though they have slept at the right time. This is one sign that his soul is tired.

Frequent Anger Overload

Anyone must have felt angry. That is natural and natural because no one will be able to bury all emotions in the long term. of course, everyone can vent their anger if the heart can feel long. But this will be different if the anger is excessive, uncontrollable, even to vent to others.

It indicates that the soul is already tired due to a lot of piling up garbage in the soul. The trigger could be that he is saving a problem that only he knows.

The problem also has not been resolved until now, so that his soul was no longer able to stem, and eventually, his emotions overflowed.

Change in emotions

Fatigue, dissatisfaction, ignorance can affect emotions. How often someone is angry, offended by something small, crying, laughing for no reason is also a sign of someone’s tired soul.

Life will become more difficult with that kind of emotion and forced to look for conflict is more than just trying to achieve peace and understanding with others.

Decrease in health

The next impact when your soul is tired is a decrease in health, even though you feel you have enough exercise and enough nutrition, the body often feels not fit, easily tired.

In addition, also often feel migrants, insomnia, and so on. Those are all signs that your soul is tired.

Different if a person’s soul is healthy, the body looks fresher and lighter. For this reason, always guard your heart and mind so that our bodies are also awake.

   If our feelings are quite happy, sincere, relieved, then the body will definitely be healthy because a person’s emotional condition can affect the metabolic system in the body.

Negative thinking

Have you ever paid attention to something small or funny, and tried to create happy moments?

If you are accustomed to focusing on negative and bad experiences, surely you will make someone suffer from fatigue.

So, always remember positive things that will be much better, and that will certainly affect mood and create feelings of happiness.

Concentration and Physical Energy Down

When your soul is tired, your productivity, creativity, concentration, physical energy and enthusiasm will also decrease, because the hormones produced do not work optimally.

That is the reason why a person can feel not as creative and productive as before, so it is difficult to get inspiration as well as brilliant ideas.

Memory Loss

Often forgetting is also an indication that your soul is tired, and this is still part of productivity.

If you feel happy, hormones related to memory access will work optimally.

   So that our souls are not tired to the point of disturbing happiness and success, then we have to maintenance by frequently throwing garbage in the soul.

This can be done by praying or consulting people who are professionals in their fields, such as psychologists, therapists, and counsellors so that they can make the heart feel calm.

The combination of psychology and ritual interconnected. If a person’s psychology is good, but spiritual is not, it cannot complement one another to get a sense of relief.

Covering Sadness

Don’t think that covering up pain by pretending to be okay is the right way to solve the problem.

If it continues to be done, it means the same thing you have lied to yourself, even though it is broken inside and your soul is tired.

Most people cover it with a smile and spend extra energy trying to create the illusion of joy when, in fact, the soul cries.

In the end, it becomes useless and does not have the strength to continue to pretend that everything is okay.

Escape from reality

If you feel like running away from reality and dreaming of a different life, that means you have experienced a sign that your soul is tired.

Suppose thinking of the past and fear of the future. This means you don’t like the present moment, and try to distract yourself in every possible way.

Escape can be dangerous because you still have to go back to your daily tasks and dissatisfaction with the reality that is different from your dream.

Feeling to be alone

To calm the mind, maybe avoiding the people around is the best way. But unfortunately, that way is a sign that your soul is tired.

Because in the end, you become stressed by unwanted communication. A person still needs to maintain daily communication and stay close to others.