10 Ways to be Attractive to your Propose Wife

According to what relationship specialist, Mary Kreisman, said, that "the attraction of women to men has special external criteria depend on the nature of the man, his attention to women, tone of speech, body language, etc. So this considered among the most crucial things that grab woman attention".

1- General hygiene: There is no doubt that general hygiene is no less important than appropriate fashionable clothes. As the cleanliness and coordination of the hair, the cleanliness of the nails and teeth, and the pleasant smell all help in getting the admiration of others, including girls, and as it is said, your good smell is the secret key to girls' feelings.

2- Be social: A study from the University of California confirmed that "a man’s behavior, his treatment of others with kindness, and his good relations with his companions make him more attractive, and make him able to attract girls' admiration more".

4- Caressing children: Caressing children, being attracted to them, and loving them makes you attractive to girls. Where French research on this matter stated that men's affection for children makes 40% of women and girls like him. Because they see him as an ideal father in the future.

5- Be generous: A study conducted at Cornell University showed that women like and prefer a generous man who is used to helping others and volunteering in charitable and social work.

6- Be nice: There is no doubt that men who are characterized by moderate humor and jokes and jokes are more attractive to girls than others. An American study conducted at the University of New Mexico proved that the humorous man is evidence of the strength of his intelligence and creativity, and this qualifies him to gain the admiration of girls quickly.

7- Smile: Smiling is the shortest way to reach hearts in general and girls ’hearts in particular, but the smile is required in the appropriate time and circumstances. So that the opposite does not happen and you get a bad impression from lack of understanding and misbehavior.

8- The beauty of character: The beauty of good character and good behavior is no less important than the beauty of clothes and the pleasant smell. Because attractiveness through good attitude, respectful treatment, and good behavior are enough to attract others, including girls, more quickly and quickly.

9- A harmonious body: Girls prefer a man if he is slim, strong and consistent in length with the rest of the body, and the man must know the importance of his movements that he performs from the method of standing, sitting, turning and even the eyes movement  has a great role in getting girls’admiration quickly.

10- Self-confidence: The loss of self-confidence by a man is one of the most dangerous things that turn away him from others and destroys his external appearance. Nova Rockafeller Net Worth and Biography

Self-confidence must be shown away from confusion, shame, or tension. So you are able to attract girls' attention.

A man should always remember that the first impression a woman makes of a man at first glance is impossible to erase from memory.



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