September 19, 2020

29 strange things that only exist in China

29 strange things that only exist in China

In this article, we will be talking about the cultural habits of the Chinese and the strange things – including some bizarre things, as you can see – that we probably only find in China. You will find it very interesting.

1. The biggest migratory movement on the planet is the Chinese New Year. The reason: at each turn of the year, more than 300 million people travel around the country to participate in the festivities with their families.
2. Until recently, Did you know China had 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world?
3. It is hard to believe, but 30 million Chinese still live in caves (this is equivalent to three times the population of Portugal).
4. The number of people who speak or are learning English in China is greater than the entire population of the United States.
5. Did you know the Chinese speak very loudly? It is not without reason that restaurants, public offices and other places with agglomerations are noisy.

6. Did you know that the Chinese spit anywhere? If you go soft, you can get spit on the street. Traditional Chinese medicine preaches that it is harmful to swallow saliva.

7. There are no toilets in the bathrooms. Or rather, until there is an object to make needs: a hole in the floor, more like a latrine than a toilet.

8. Chinese cuisine is one of the most varied in the world, if not the most varied. In some southern provinces, people include cats, dogs, starfish, scorpions and even silkworm cocoons on the menu.

9. There is a restaurant in Beijing whose speciality is a penis. That’s right; the menu includes the member of nine animals: bull, donkey, dog, snake, deer, ram, buffalo, seal and horse.

10. Did you know in December 2019, coro na virus outbreak in Wuhan china before spreading to the other part of the world

11. Until recently, a Chinese worker earned the equivalent of R $ 80.00 per month.

12. Snooping on other people’s lives is almost a sport in the country. The Chinese practically have no privacy and listening to what the other is saying (and even checking the time card to see if he is late for work) is very common among them.
13. Social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube and FourSquare are totally blocked by the government. The Chinese equivalent of Twitter is Sina Weibo, and Whatsapp is WeChat.

14. Live broadcasts from international TV networks arrive at Chinese homes nine seconds late. This is so that censors capture unwanted things for the government and the communist party and prevent them from going on air.

15. China’s largest gay magazine, Inbox, is published inside a military condominium in Beijing.

16. Nightclubs, marches and even advertisements for gay movements are strictly prohibited. Nightclubs, for example, are occasionally closed by the police.

17. China has the most stringent birth control on the planet. Until 2015, each couple could only have one child. As couples give preference to male children, the number of male babies was greater than that of females. For every 100 girls, 119 boys were born. But that looks like it’s going to change soon. We’ll see.

18. Estimates reveal that at least until 2010, 30 million Chinese men will remain single.

19. According to the tradition of the interior of the country, men who die unmarried “have their lineage compromised in the next life”. To avoid this, family members try to fix the so-called ming hun, or marriage after death, by burying a ghost bride beside the bachelor.

20. Each family can only own pets that do not exceed 35 centimetres in height, including dogs.

21. White is considered a funeral colour in China. But, due to Western influence, more and more Chinese women marry using this colour.

22. Tibetan lamas are prohibited from resurrecting without authorization from the Chinese government.

23. Catholic bishops and priests are only appointed with government authorization. Chinese Catholics do not recognize the pope as the leader of the church.

24. One of the most exotic marathon events in the world is the Great Wall Marathon. Runners must overcome the ups and downs of the monuments to cover distances ranging between 8.5 and 42 kilometres. The route is never reached in less than 3 hours.

25. The biggest traffic jam in the world occurred in the metropolitan area of ​​Shanghai, extended for 100 kilometres and lasted 12 days.

26. Because of the pollution, each Beijing resident breathes the equivalent of 21 cigarettes a day.

27. Not only does China adopt the death penalty, but it also executes four times as many people as all other countries combined.

28. The most common name among the Chinese is Xing. Interestingly, it is a valid name for both boys and girls.

29. Everyone knows that China is the most populous country in the world. What few know is that the number/variety of “Han” surnames (which includes the vast majority of Chinese) is very small. They are no more than a hundred. The most common surnames are Wang, Li and Zhang, which are used by 22.4% of the population.