35 things every woman does when no one is watching them

 35 things every woman does when no one is watching them

Do you know those moments when you are alone and can be free to do what you want? It is at these times that some habits that can be considered very strange for those who are not used to it - mainly men - start to show up.

They may be things that look really disgusting, but in fact they are common habits that are part of women's lives and can sound bizarre to those unfamiliar with the custom. Those who do not wear a bra for example, do not know what is common when it comes to wearing, handling or maintaining their underwear. For some women, it can be a real shock to discover that it is completely normal to wear the same bra for days, or even weeks, without putting them in the wash.

Check here, the list with some of the habits that can be considered too strange for those who never knew the reality of women's intimate moments.

1 - Never wash the blush brush that you have used for 10 yearsf

2 - Leave pieces of dirt under the large nails

3 - Leave hair scattered throughout the bathroom and home

4 - Eat the food that has fallen on the floor, especially if it is chocolate

5 - Use dry shampoo for days

6 - Use your hair as dental floss

7 - Use old makeups that have passed the expiration date

8 - Smell the armpit to see if it smells a little strong

9 - Play with too long hair that escaped during epilation

10 - Go without washing your hair VARIOUS days

11 - Urinate in the shower

12 - Use your friends' toothbrush

13 - Leave the makeup on your face and remove

14 - Wash the bra only when it smells bad

15 - Feeling jealous of your friends, even if it's just friendship

16 - Removing mascara in pieces instead of using a makeup remover

17 - Smelling the clothes you used the day before to know if you can repeat them

18 - Washing just the bangs to look like your hair is clean

19 - Storing objects in the bra

20 - Biting pieces of dry skin from the lips

21 - Using the pad for longer than necessary

22 - Use wet wipes to replace baths

23 - Spend time removing dirt under the nails

24 - Squeezing huge pimples that explode in the mirror

25 - Leaving the house with clothes on the floor

26 - Apply deodorant and perfume to cover up the lack of bath

27 - Pick up strange dirt that accumulates in the navel

28 - Scratch your hair and watch dandruff and falling dirt

29 - Use toilet paper in the absence of absorbent

30 - Keep used panties in the bag

31 - Warm your hand inside your bra or panties

32 - Cut your nails and eat ripped pieces

33 - Scratch pubic hair casually without sexual intentions

34 - Use the long nails to remove earwax pieces

35 - Playing with wet hair stuck to the floor or not the bathroom wall

How many things on this list have you done privately? Tell us in the comments.

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