6 Golden rules in building wealth today

The dream of every human being is to become successful and make money or become wealthy. Most people hardly reach their dream, not because they didn't work hard but because in becoming wealthy, there are rules in building wealth.

Here are 6 golden rules that assures wealth if the are adhered to.

1) Use Passive Income to build Wealth.

Financial wealth means different things to different people. Some people prefer salary pay kind of jobs while others will want to be Boss. But the best way of building wealth is having a job that pays you even while you sleep.

2) Take control of your jobs


Understand that you are out to make money and secure your financial freedom. Don't let your emotions or your personal problems get to your job. Learn stability and don't let others ruin your efforts.


3) Focus on setting goals and accomplishing them

Every dream is built to achieving a goal. Your focus should be on achieving this goals, creating new goals and achieving them again.

4)Always Remember to Use Leverage

It is one of the most powerful tool that one can use to achieve great success and build wealth. Leverage means working less and achieving more. This can be done by having more hands to assist you.

5) Use money to chase money for surplus

When you achieve a goal, don't just sit and say you are made. Try to grow more for surplus. Understand that more money comes from using your capital which is also money.


6) Try to follow your life's purpose

Successful people chose to play the biggest game which all began from understanding the purpose they are living for.

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