August 10, 2020

7 important tips to take care of your mental health in times of pandemic time

7 important tips to take care of your mental health in times of pandemic like coronavirus

The world is going through a delicate moment. That’s because we’re having to deal with the Covid–19 pandemic , a disease caused by the new cor0na virus. In such a time, our main concern is with our health and physical well-being. However, going through such a period also has an impact on our mental and emotional health.

Important tips for taking care of your mental health in the face of cor0na virus

1 – Be optimistic

Remember: being able to stay indoors is a great privilege. In addition to passing security, it allows us to slow down and connect with our family members. “Sometimes it is necessary to make a conscious effort to find the positive in a situation. “In the book Authentic Happiness, psychologist Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, says that optimists tend to consider their problems temporary, controllable and specific,” he explained. “Pessimistic people, on the other hand, create situations that go far beyond reality itself”.

2 – Keep your feet on the ground

In situations like the cor0na virus pandemic, do not feed or allow yourself to be consumed by catastrophic hypotheses. Focus only on the present and what we can actually do to prevent the worst case scenario. “If we ‘pre-occupy’ ourselves with disastrous situations, which we don’t even know are going to happen, we will cause an energetic and mental strain. Thus, we will forget what really needs to be done.

3 – Find out by official and reliable sources

We received a lot of information about the cor0na virus through WhatsApp and social networks. However, we can find misinformation, data and false statements, without verified sources. This all causes poor mental digestion and generates panic. For this reason, consume information only from official sources and reliable vehicles.

4 – Maintain a routine

In times like this of the cor0na virus and in quarantine, it is important to try to maintain a routine. Psychologists ask that they set fixed times to sleep, wake up, eat, rest, exercise and do other activities. Our body and mind are better adapted to the challenges of our daily lives, when we maintain a healthy routine. Therefore, we need to have a healthy diet, regular sleep and active muscles.

5 – Do what you like

When we establish a routine, we must pay attention to doing what we like. Take advantage of free time to catch up on the readings you started, finish the series that didn’t end. You can paint a picture, take an online course and many other things.

6 – Exercise

Although the gyms are closed, we can keep physical activity up to date. There are several cell phone applications that help in this part. We can lower them and thus maintain our exercise routine.

7 – Be kind

Kindness is a very important point for our well-being. In this cor0na virus epidemic, we are already faced with several solidarity initiatives. In some places, people have offered to shop for their elderly neighbors, thereby preventing them from getting out of social isolation. When we contribute to the well-being of others, we are also contributing to ours.

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