Everyone dreams of being perceived by the crush . Okay, maybe not everyone wants that, but having someone to be with is something that gives you a " warm heart ". But things don't always go well and what ends up is an abusive relationship, where love is left aside and control and jealousy take over.


The relationships abusive can happen to men as well, but most of the time, women are the victims. Perhaps this is the responsibility of the whole macho construction of our society. In most cases, women take time to realize the situation, but there comes a time when it becomes unsustainable and the end of the relationship is the only way out.

1 - She can't trust you

Even the most independent women sometimes need the support of their partners. Even if it's just a flu or a cold, often, just the company is enough. There are cases, in which the man does not worry even during pregnancy, which is something very difficult for a woman to deal with. An ideal partner is with your partner in good times and bad.

2 - Always needs to meet your wishes

Do you always make a point of saying how you prefer things? How she dresses, what she cooks, where she goes or stops going. She is always attending to your wishes, since when you don't, you turn a blind eye. Nobody has to satisfy anyone's expectations. It is good to please those you love, but this should not become an obligation in any way.

3 - You control it

You're always wondering where she goes, who she goes with, what she posts and who she likes. Anyway, you want to control everything that happens to her and if she crosses the limits, your limits, you get angry and fight with her. Most of the time, she doesn't even leave if you don't agree. If this is happening, it is better to rethink your habits.

4 - Always contrary

You are always denying all the ideas that she proposes, not only do you deny yourself, but you also want to show that they are ridiculous. At some point, she will get tired of this and will decide to go on with her life, without needing your approval for anything.

5 - You are a child

While she plans to grow and build things with her partner, you are always very busy. Friends, your video game and anything else is more important than the relationship. Well know that all this immaturity can result in the end of the romance.

6 - Lack of reciprocity

She is always worrying about you. Try in every way to help and take care of you when you need to, but you don't do the same. All of these small actions, which you fail to do, will have a price in the future. Maybe she gets tired of always giving and never receiving.

7 - The plans are not the same

If both of you know what you want, but this is by no means close to what the other wants, then it is likely that this relationship will not have much of a future. People are different, it is true. But in a relationship, people need to have at least some goals in common, otherwise they will not be able to set a target to achieve.


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