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9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog

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9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog

9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog


I started blogging 7 years ago, I had created more than 5 blogs having different niche. I have written a lot of articles but have never been this committed in writing an article as long as this.(laugh out loud)

Let’s get down to business! Here are 9 AWESOME TIPS FOR STARTING A TRAVEL BLOG.

9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog

9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog

Step 1. You need to pick a really good name for your blog (blog title)


While picking a blog name you need to be unique, you need a name that can be easily memorized. It’s all in the name, to be frank with you it really is. Make sure to pick a blog name that really defines your blog.

If you are looking at becoming successful or  making your travel blog go viral I do advice you avoid the following words below.

Try to avoid these words:

  • Adventurous
  • Global
  • Wander
  • Nomad
  • Journey
  • Travel/traveler/traveling
  • Vagabond
  • Backpacker

These words are already taken, they are over-saturated, and they are boring. These words have already been taken by top bloggers who already exist for years. So it not advisable to make use of this words.

Make sure to remember that your blog name is your brand, so including such words could just pigeonholed yourself into traveling cheap for a long time.

Make sure to use an interesting blog name, a name that defines your goals. And make sure it’s a name that can squashed together into your website URL.


Step 2. its time to Host your blog

It’s time to host your blog, a lot of new starters do get a little bit confused when it comes to hosting a blog but do not worry I would guide you true the process, after all that’s the main reason while this article was created.

It’s important to buy an hosting plan from a well-known hosting company, I would recommend using Bluehost. Because bluehost Is cheap, affordable, painless and reliable.  You can’t mess it up and it takes minute to get your domain name and everything setup successfully.

blue host

blue host

You must host your blog if you thinking of running a professional blog though you can startup a blog without having to buy an hosting plan by using blogger / But If you want a more professional blog than I strong advice you start up your blog with a good host and domain name.

They are actually other good hosting companies like “namecheap” , godaddy and lot more but I recommend you host your blog using

These are steps to follow in other to setup your host with

Step 1 – on your browser type in – and the page would load up in seconds then click on that green button that says “get started now.”

9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog

9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog by yanke succz

Step 2 – now you need to pick a plan (each of the plans on bluehost comes with different features but as a starter you can start with the cheapest plan)

blue host

9 Awesome tips for starting a travel blog by yanke succz

Step 3 – it’s time to check if your professional domain name exists, if the domain is not available than I advise you re-brainstorm a more better name and remember you probably want a .com extension so it’s important to check if the extension exist as well. (A domain name is more like a home address, a domain name could be –

If have already gotten/bought a domain name from another domain register platform, you can link it over to your host at


Step 4 – choose your package /plan

The next page that would come up is a registration page requesting you to fill in your details and create a username and password. Package review – Under account plan make sure its basic 12month.

Blue-host is offering primary domain registration, free ssl  and 1 office 365 mailbox free for 30days. Under package extra – you do not need domain privacy who cares. Uptick site lock security. And slide down to payment information put in your details and click on summit.

That’s all. Your domain and hosting details would be sent to you via your registered email in few minutes or hours.

3. Start your blog using “wordpress”

After registering and successfully setting up your website it doesn’t just end there. If you dream of having a more professional travel blog with professional features then dream using wordpress.  wordpress offers millions of professional themes and plugins that can help your new travel blog look good.

To activate your blog on wordpress this are the steps to follow:

Once you have successfully registered with bluehost, cpanel details would be sent to your mail click on your cpanel url and login  or better still send me a message on twitter @yankesuccz or instagram to assist you or contact blue host live chat support to setup WordPress on your c-panel and give you details to login.

You can set it up by yourself. Simply login to your cpanel account  and scroll down to website builder and install wordpress in minutes. Follow the steps to set it up and do not forget to install it on your domain I mean your new website URL once done you good to go.

Once your WordPress account has been created you can login to your blog from e.g.


You can also use WIX!

Lately wix has been made easy for website creators and it’s understandable. But I still recommend the use of wordpress due to its features and functionality.

Wix has an artificial intelligence tools which actually does all the works for you by asking you questions regarding your site and help setup your site in minutes, with such tools you can also build your own online shop. That’s awesome right?

On wix you would need to purchase a premium plan which comes with a hundreds of template, and there also offers unlimited pages and top grade hosting. You also buy a domain from them.

Wix offers everything making it easy to setup blog/sites within minutes so you can skip all these complicated steps.

After upgrading to a premium plan on wix, you get tons of benefits, making it easy for you to connect your domain ( to your site hosted with them. Connecting your domain to their platform gives your blog a more professional look and also makes it easily for people (audience) to find your blog. Upgrading to wix premium package also help you get rid of annoying adverts and you also get more add-on bandwidth & more storage space.

WordPress is more professional but wix is actually great and easy to start with, but I still recommend wordpress as it offers more easy to use features and can give your blog a more professional look.

Pick a theme and make use of some important plugins

WordPress has heaps of free themes that can always be used for free, same as wix ( wordpress uses theme and wix uses template just like

Make sure to Pick a good theme, if you using wordpress and  if you are using wix pick a template.

Please note it’s important to pick a theme/template that best defines your blog. E.g. since my niche is travel then I would use a travel theme/template while designing my site. spend a little to get a good wordpress theme because having a good and professional design would defiantly keep your user coming back.  You can buy a wordpress theme on as for wix template click here.

WordPress(plgins) :

Back to wordpress, if you making use of wordpress to build your site and want the best features on your blog in other to spice the design/theme then it quite important for you not to use much plugin as it can slow down your website,Plugins aren’t pokomon cards so you need not collect them all. Just pick few important once.

Here are few plugins to consider:

  • Jetpack
  • Askimet – protect your site against spammy comments
  • Dig digg- the plugin offers floating sidebar for social shares
  • Fb social widget
  • Wp smush it – this plugin can help shrinks file sizes
  • Yoast seo – yoast is one of wordpress best seo plugin helps ranking your site on search engines faster.
  • W3 total cache – this plugin would help make your site run faster
  1. it’s important to Install Google Analytics

Google analytics is a platform used in measuring your site traffic on your blog. Google analytics helps track how many people visit your site daily, weekly or even monthly, its also shows result of where the traffic is coming from and where they are from(location). It’s well-known for standard tracking for website analytics worldwide.

To setup Google analytics on your site, you would need to sign up on Google analytics for your blog. click here for that

From the dashboard you would be able to track your monthly and daily stats, funny enough this numbers are what you can use when pitching brands and tourism boards.



  1. Grab your social media handles

Having your article on wordpress or Publishing on WordPress is only one part of travel blogging; the other part is social media. You can’t avoid it. We live in a digital world where information is being shared online in real-time. Anyone who doesn’t get this is not living in the real world.

So once you have your name sorted, you’ll want to grab up the corresponding social media accounts for them.

  • Facebook Page (not personal profile)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Youtube/Vimeo
  • Tumblr


What you chose to focus on is up to you. That depends on the kind of content you will be producing, what you’re interested in, etc. But it’s a good idea to nab up all the names just in case your focus changes over the years. You can just sit on it in the meantime.

I advise you play around all of them, i mean all of the social media apps, it’s good you download all listed social media on your mobile phone then try share contents on what you interested in, content from your blogs and focus on making sure it goes viral via the social network. Focus mainly on instagram, snapchat and pinterest; these are the biggest and fastest growing social media platforms for image and video sharing in the world. And remember to stay active and try following big accounts and also comment on their post in other for you to get more followers.

7. Make sure to Join Super Star Blogging


If you serious about setting up a travel blog that would lead to work and getting paid while traveling around the world then I strongly suggest you join “Super star blogging”.

Super star blogging is a community of experienced and up and coming bloggers who are positive and helpful people looking for travel blogging. On the platform you can meet a lot of travel bloggers who are ready to help each other,

The group offers travel advice for bloggers and it has an amazing forum and a secret Facebook group where you can actually ask any questions without being scared of judgment or hostility and it also offers a series of courses that you can work through to help build your travel blog from scratch without having to face any issues.


If you aren’t really that good in blogging probably you kind of new to blogging I strongly recommend you get a professional to help manage your site.

These guys would keep your site well updated and running smoothly, there would also help fix critical issues e.g. like when your site breaks down a professional would backup your site and save your life when your site eventually goes down and many more…


8. Creating a solid “About Me” page on your site

Its good you create / write professional about us/about me page, don’t go looking at mine have been thinking of re-editing for a while but you can check out Jodi’s from legal nomads instead. Click here. The about me page is a very important page on a site because its enlighten your blog users more on what your site or you are into.


9. Now you can start creating and sharing amazing content. 


It’s time to start creating content that you are passionate about.

If you into photo shoots or for example if you are a photographer it’s time to start sharing your best travel photos and make sure to have a good write up about them.

Make sure to create tutorials to help non- photographers take better photos. If you into video creation then it’s important to make YouTube your blogging platform, Be experimental.

Most bloggers are known for being a good writer loll I know I aren’t a good writer, but if you one good writer then I suggest you share your stories, tell your tales and worry not about being wordy.  It’s not a good idea to copy other bloggers or travel magazines.  Just be yourself!

A lot of people do say it do take a lot of time, probably a year to start earning /making money from travel blogging.

Get famous and you certainly would start earning cool cash. You can actually apply for Google AdSense, Make sure to read Google policy and make sure to follow them and make money.

You have to love your blog; I mean love what you doing. Passion is defiantly what going to Drive you and keep you going, especially at the beginning when you earning from your blog yet. Therefore it’s important to protect that passion and move along with it.

Make sure to write and create a more engaging content. Good luck!

Got any questions comment below.

Written by Yankesuccz


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