August 10, 2020

A 38-Years-Old Lady Who Sleep for More than 36 Hours Every Day

A 38-Years-Old Lady Who Sleep for More than 36 Hours Every Day

When Ms Paula Stewart goes to sleep, she does not know exactly what hour she can wake up. Despite the alarm setting and her husband’s many attempts to help her wake up, there is no point in this at all. The ideal way to wake 38-year-old Paula is to pour a cup of cold water  on her face every morning that is what her husband does to ensure that she woke up, but this behavior does not cause her any anger or inconvenience to realize that she will only wake up in this cruel way.

Paula can sleep for 36 continuous hours without worrying about what happened around her, so she relies on her husband on a daily basis to ensure that she wakes up every morning and carries out her life normally, or she will remain asleep.

Paula suffers from this problem for almost 5 years, where she noticed that she is absent from work a lot of times because of sleeping for long hours, and many important appointments were cancelled or replaced by one of her colleagues because she never arrives, no matter how much they try to contact her. Paula pushed her to go to a specialist doctor, she works as an animal trainer to work in the field of cinema and television, and she was worried that the natural methods do not help her to wake up, which threatens her life in the event of a fire or a disaster for the home.

Doctors diagnosed Paula with what is known as immobility during sleep, and this condition leads to the patient sleeping for very long hours as the brain believes that he did not get enough sleep and there are a number of reasons that lead to this condition, most notably sleep apnea and problems in the quality of sleep.

Paula’s life changed completely because of this medical condition because she was unable to have children after years of marriage because she did not provide them with adequate care because of the long sleep that takes her. Despite trying various treatments, meditating, and getting regular medications, she did not get rid of this strange situation.