September 24, 2020

A Young man in Katsina killed his Father

A Young man in katsina killed his father

A young man 27 killed his own father in Katsina

The people of Kankiya village area of Katsina the home state of president Muhammadu Buhari have been terribly shocked after a young man killed his own father with a local arm called Tabarya and left his mother seriously injured in her attempt to save her husband.
A close source, Malam Aminu Nasiru, who is their neighbor confirmed it to our source: “ soon after hearing welling coming out from malam Rabe’ house I rushed to see what was happening, I met the woman (mother of Lawal) lied unconsciously when she regain control to somewhare she managed to told me, that at about 6 pm she was preparing food for fast breaking, Lawal came and flirty to take some to eat, but she stops him because he doesn’t fast as well as his nature of disdain.
His father who was sitting at the balcony of his room looking what was happening between them, interrupted and shouted at him, Lawal retorted scornfully, and he vehemently beaten his father to death.
He added that, the mother, too, have been punched and broken her arm when she intervened.
A source said, After hearing what Lawal had done to his father, some youths in the area chased him to his hidden and arrested him and handed him over to the police.
Mr. Rabe, the father, died the following day, while the mother is currently in hospital for treatment.
Katsina State Police Spokesman SP Gambo Isah confirmed the incident and said Lawal Rabe would be arraigned in court once investigation completed.

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