After Reading This Content, You Won’t Press Your Phone In The Toilet Again

After Reading This Content, You Won’t Press Your Phone In The Toilet Again

Pressing phone in the toilet has become a culture in our time especially among the youth. I won’t lie, its enjoyable to just sit down there away from the disturbances of people and follow that trending gist on Twitter. You know, that celebrity gist on Instagram cannot be missed.

I know many of us do this. But do you know its a bad habit and its not good for your health?

That’s what I want to let you know today.

Pressing phone is not the major problem, but pressing phone can make you stay longer than you should in the toilet. Making you to strain, putting more pressure on your anus. This will make blood pull in your anus, leading to pile. Pile can be itchy, painful and makes you uncomfortable. Its really not what you want to have.

Secondly, toilet is not actually the best place to take your phone to as a lot of microorganisms are flying around especially as you flush the toilet. I trust most of us don’t clean the screen of our phones. So just don’t take the phone to the toilet.


  • So what should you do?
  • Do not take your phone to the toilet.
  • Do not sit more than 1-15 minutes in the toilet.
  • If you are finding it difficult to defecate don’t force it
  • Drink a lot of water to help you defecate easily.

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