Alibaba Founder, Jack Ma, to appear before an Indian Court

An Indian court summoned officials of Alibaba and its founder, Jack Ma, to investigate the allegations of a former employee in India, that he had been dismissed from work by mistake, following his objection to what he considered to be censorship and publication of false news on UC News and UC Browser applications, according to documents seen. Reuters.

The case comes weeks after India banned dozens of applications due to security concerns, including UC News, UC Browser, and 57 other applications after clashes on the border between the two countries' forces.

In the wake of the embargo criticized by China, India has sought written answers from all companies affected by its decision, whether those companies impose content control or act in the interests of any foreign governments.

A former UC Web employee said in his lawsuit dating back to July 20 that the company used to interfere with censorship in non-China content, and its UC Browser and UC News apps published false news aimed at causing political and social unrest.

Judge Sonia Sheukand at a court in Gurgaon issued an order summoning the Alibaba Company, Jack Ma, and about 12 individuals and an administrative unit of the company, and demanded that they appear in court or have a legal representative appear on July 29.
The judge also asked for written answers from the company and its executives within 30 days, according to the summons.

UC India said in a statement that its policies are in line with local law, and declined to comment on the case before the law.

A former Indian employee of UC Web Pushpandra Singh Parmar who worked for the company until October 2017 seeks compensation of $ 268,000 in damages.

Before the ban, UC Browser had downloaded at least 689 million times in India, while UC News had downloaded about 79.9 million times, and most downloads were in 2017 and 2018, according to Sensor Tower.

Chinese billionaire Jack has a fortune of $ 47.8 billion, the richest billionaire in Asia and the 17th in the world, according to Forbes's real-time data.

Jack Ma step down as CEO of the Alibaba Group in September 2019. He is succeeded by current CEO Daniel Zhang.

At the end of June, India banned 59 Chinese apps, including the social networking app Tik Tok and the UC browser, due to security concerns, after the two parties were involved in a dispute along their border.

India and China are in the midst of a border dispute along the de facto control line, which is a disputed border between the two countries in a region called Ladakh.

The ban came as a result of the Indian government being pressured to take decisive action, after at least 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives along the border, and after protests erupted in the country.



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