September 18, 2020

Amazon and Covid 19 Pandemic.

Amazon stock has risen more than 60% this year and is now trading at about $ 3,000 per share. The company’s shares reached their lowest levels of approximately $ 1,600 in mid-March.

Amazon was one of the major beneficiaries of the spread of Covid-19 as its sales rebounded as the closure escalated.
This is the top five figure that reflects Amazon’s growth in conjunction with most retail stores worldwide.

$ 570 billion – Amazon was able to make $ 570 billion in its market value so far for 2020. At the start of the year, the e-commerce giant had a valuation of about $ 920 billion. After the company’s shares recovered from sales in the markets that took place during the COVID period – 19 March and reached new highs, the company’s wealth now stands at $ 1.49 billion, making Amazon the largest company in the world, followed by Microsoft with a negative 4.3% of its wealth. 1.54 billion, then Apple, which is 4.6% negative, with a wealth of $ 1.61 billion. 63.3% – Amazon shares have risen more than 60% this year, and it is now trading around $ 3,000 per share.

The company’s shares reached their lowest levels of approximately $ 1,600 in mid-March, with the stock market declining as businesses closed due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Since then, the company’s shares have risen from their low levels in March to exceed the value of $ 3000 per share at the end of the month for the first time on July 6. Analyst at Morningstar Financial Services, RJ Hotov, says we can analyze the rocket’s stock height in several ways. This increase is due to “an increase in Prime Prime members’ participation (especially to meet e-grocery services) and high utilization rates for Amazon Web Services AWS ”. Morning-star estimates Amazon’s shares at a fair value of $ 2,750 per share.

$ 178.5 billion – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who currently owns an 11.1% stake in Amazon, has seen his net worth increase by more than 50% so far for 2020. Bezos is one of the richest people in the world, with a net worth of 178.5 billion dollars, which is higher than the $ 114.7 billion gain is made at the end of last year, Forbes reports. It is followed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is $ 113 billion.

$ 75 billion – Amazon revenue analysts expect the company to generate $ 75 billion in profits for the second quarter of this year by July 30 next week. But given the state of stocks of many of the major technology companies, Morningstar notes, “Markets are back in the Amazon company that focuses on increasing its growth more than profitability.

The company is expected to generate $ 4 billion in pandemic expenditures, which could put pressure on the company’s overall operating profit, ”according to Hoover.” Since April, both Amazon and Bezos have had a backlash due to insufficient safety standards and inadequate working conditions under The Covid-19 pandemic, which led to workers’ protests, has since pledged to spend more money on renewing health and safety protocols in the workplace.

$ 3,800 per share – Both Jeffries and Goldman Sachs analysts raised investment firms from their Amazon price targets to $ 3,800 per share, which is the highest estimate on Wall Street. Both companies saw Amazon’s business boom, including continued growth of electronic sales in North America, and potentially sharp growth in the AWS cloud sector.

The Facebook platform announced that it is expanding the features of Messenger Rooms and Facebook Live to allow users to share video calls with up to 50 people, thus the social platform will be able to compete with services like Zoom and Google Meet.