September 19, 2020

Atom by Atom: building an idea ground-floor-up

One profound subject discussed in systems thinking is interconnectedness; that a system, being whole, depends on the collective functioning of several interrelated parts.

Each part, irrespective of size, contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a system; whether it’s a computer or the human system.

Let’s dive in. How do complex systems emerged? Fully formed?

The beauty of ecology is seen in team-work, the idea that everything depends on everything else.

Complex systems are derived from the coming together of several smaller units. The clusters of these units develop overtime to form complex systems and from complex to form even higher complex network of systems.

Atom by atom; the coming together of parts, this is how great ideas get implemented.

So here is the thing: how then do you start executing that big IDEA?

a. Break it into atoms, units
b. Design how each smaller idea interrelates
c. Allow for the combination of different parts
d. Give it the focus and time it needs
e. Watch it grow

Let me know if you got value from this.

Talk to you soon,

Ekemini Thompson writes from Kebbi Daily News