Boko Haram attacks Yobe community, burns school, health centre

Associated individuals with Boko Haram have assaulted Gujba town in Yobe State, discharging shots consistently and sending inhabitants to flight. 


The Saturday assault came scarcely 24 hours after the Nigerian military dispatched an activity, codenamed, Tura Ta Kai Bango (we have been pushed to the divider), to return the battle to the fear monger gathering, which had held the North-East by the throat for longer than 10 years at this point. 


A few occupants of Gujba, who addressed our reporter on Sunday, said they heard weighty shots, which made inhabitants to hurry to security. 


The inhabitants, who addressed columnists on telephone, said their town was assaulted by the agitators who torched wellbeing offices and different structures in the zone. 


One of them, who talked on state of namelessness, stated, "Boko Haram raged our town around 2.30pm, shot ceaselessly and made our kin to escape." 


He said the guerillas unleashed devastation on the town for more than three hours. 


"They wrecked an elementary school and some hardware for the progressing development of the town," he added. 


The inhabitants said individuals had been talking about the approaching assault by the extremists, adding that there were claims that the radicals sent a letter telling occupants of the attack. 


They applauded the heroism of the troopers, whom they said impeded the best approach to Katarko to prevent the extremists from making an advance into the town. 


The inhabitants said the soldiers connected with the radicals and pushed them back after more than one discharge of weapon fight. 


Gujba is around 30 kilometers from Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, and the assault came three days after Boko Haram radicals attacked Geidam town, where they consumed public and private property even as they plundered shops. 


In the interim, the Yobe state Governor, Mai-Mala Buni, has praised the military for repulsing the Boko Haram assault on Gujba on Saturday. 


He said the assurance of the security powers in seeking after the extremists was the purpose behind the achievement, adding that this would change the accounts in the battle against uprising with positive outcomes. 


The governor approached the individuals to consistently give helpful and convenient data on dubious developments in their networks to government specialists and the security powers for proactive measures. 



He, however, lamented the setbacks recorded and wished those harmed brisk recuperation.


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