September 19, 2020

Zullum Disbursed N1b loan scheme to small and medium scale businesses in Borno State.

In his effort to improve the standard living of his people Babagana Umara Zullum, Borno state governor, lunched the disbursement of one billion naira loan scheme to the small and medium scale businesses in the state.

The source disclosed that” the beneficiaries are mostly women groups, trader unions and associations who are serving as sureties for their members”.

“The loan according to the governor is one billion naira first tranche of two billion naira loan to small and medium scale entrepreneurs by the Borno State Government in collaboration with Bank of Industries put together by the Borno Renaissance Micro Finance Bank Limited”.

Zulum informed that” the loan is targeted at Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs in the state that have been affected by the Boko Haram insurgency and the recent COVID 19 disease”.

He noted that the credit facility will revive business activities in Borno State, encourage employment opportunities in the private sector as well as expand the sources of income of the teaming unemployed youths in the state.

“Today, 15,861 individuals who are members of 12 Trade Union and Associations are expected to benefit from this disbursement amounting to N994,930,000.00. This loan is interest free and its payable in 4 years with moratorium period of 6 months within which business are expected to pick up and generate profit,” Zulum announced.

He called on the Associations to monitor their members and ensure that the monies are recovered, stressing that, “any individual who is able to settle the disbursed amount within the stipulated time shall enjoy 50% waiver and shall automatically qualify for another loan.”

The governor also announced that his government is in high level talks with the Central Bank of Nigeria, African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank to create more widows of opportunities for small and Medium Scale farmers in the state.

He urged that beneficiaries to make good use of the money by investing it into businesses and not use it for personal consumption.