August 13, 2020

Breaking: A Huge Explosion Rocked Eastern Iranian Capital.

 The Iranian Mehr news agency reported that a big explosion was heard in eastern Tehran, followed by an orange light in the sky.
 The agency said that it was not yet clear what caused the sound of the explosion and light, adding that this sound was heard clearly in several areas of the capital.
 For his part, official television said that the Iranian authorities are investigating a loud noise and bright light in eastern Tehran.
 A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Defense said today, Friday, that the explosion that occurred in eastern Tehran was caused by an explosion of a natural gas warehouse in the
Parchin region, causing no injuries.
 Earlier, Iranian media said that a huge explosion rocked the area east of the Iranian capital, Tehran.
The  Noor News affiliated to the Iranian Supreme National Security Council affirmed that the incident was not related at all to Iranian military activities