Can Helicopters Fly Upside Down?



If you are passionate about air shows, you may have seen several numbers of trained and highly skilled airmen. These professionals perform various types of daring maneuvers in the air with their aircraft. Faced with such a spectacle, we are usually delighted with all these death-defying feats.


 Among the most diverse acrobatics, one that usually draws a lot of attention and is the flight upside down. Have you noticed that this doesn't seem like a common thing for helicopters? After all, can a helicopter fly upside down? This is a very common question among many people.


When we ask ourselves this, we must first define what we mean by "flying upside down". If we take this literally, we can say that helicopters are unable to do this, as the engine of these machines works in only one direction. This causes him to create forces from the bottom up. Thus, if the helicopter reverses, that force of the rotor will be felt towards the ground. However, they can make some interesting "loopings" that can surprise anyone. Check with us below and be surprised. Take the opportunity to share with your friends now and without further ado, let's go.


I understand helicopters better

As we said earlier, helicopters fly only when generating "lift". Basically, the lift is an upward force, which prevents large structures from falling because of Earth's gravity. The lift is generally produced by the wings of any form of air transport, such as airplanes and helicopters. Like airplanes, helicopters use airfoils. That is what generates support. However, unlike airplanes, this is not present on fixed wings but is built into their metal rotor blades. These then turn very quickly (approximately 500 revolutions per minute).

Practically, what the rotors do is "push the air down". This then creates a large air current capable of propelling the fuselage upward, thus keeping the helicopter in the air. Therefore, with advances in helicopter mechanics and navigation technology, they have only become a sophisticated and safe means of rapid transportation.


Upside down flights



As these aircraft rely on their rotors to generate lift and stay in the air, the rotors engage only in the act of turning. It is basically very logical to assume that they can fly even inverted, right? In fact, not quite. There are several mishaps involved in this. In practice, most commercial helicopters cannot maintain an upside-down flight. The reason for this is quite simple: they were not designed to make these flights.

To make a helicopter fly upside down for a few seconds, the joint that connects the rotor blades to the fuselage would need to be designed and reinforced so that it could support the load of a helicopter "face-up". In addition, the blades would still need to be more rigid to flex. This would then compromise the safety of the helicopter and everyone involved in the flight. It is very complex to develop something like this.

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