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Most read:Yawning a lot may be a Sign of Risk!. xcessive yawning is what happens more than once per minute, and although people yawn due to several reasons such as feeling sleepy or bored, excessive yawning may be a symptom of an underlying health problem behind it.
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A mobile device or a mobile phone is one of the most common devices that are used today, around the...
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Mutane tumma mata a halin yanzun kan shiga damuwa da kan Kai juya kwalkwalarsu ba tare da an sani ba...
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Takaicin bayani kan Ciyon Ulcer
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The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) said that credible researches and reports show chloroquine can...
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Frequently some drivers used to listening to many types of music while on their trips, but is driving affected by the different musical styles that the driver listens to? Psychologist Thomas Wagner answers this question in his statements to the German Inspection Organization, and indicates that the rhythm of the music that the driver hears directly affects the way he drives.
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Pressing phone in the toilet has become a culture in our time especially among the youth. I won’t lie, its...
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Daga Almustafa Shehu Kofar Atiku 1. GWADDAR DAJI Gwaddar daji Sassake yana maganin tsutasr ciki, zawo, ciwon ciki, saran maciji, ciwon baki...
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Alaramma Abdul-Rahmad Adam Shu'aibu shine babban mai jawa Sheikh Muhammad Sani Rijiyar Lemo Baƙi kuma ya rasu a yau.
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Residents of the Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos were on Thursday afternoon sent into a panic as a rancorous explosion rocked...
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