Check Out 5 Things We Do With Our Smartphone That Are Wrong

Everyone of us has smart telephones these days. And almost all the time you use your smartphones either for browsing or calling. Actually, Your smartphone is your nice friend but there' s a way that you may use these smartphones, that would cause  harm to you.

so this are 4 methods your smartphone can harm  you.


1) Avoid the use of  cellphone while  driving.



This is the most common habit that we need to stop. according to research at least 200 people died annually in motor accident due to pressing  of phone while driving, If You have a call and that you think is  very urgent, you are advised to park to a save suitable area to receive the call.


 2) Avoid taking calls  while charging mobile phone.

If you have the tendency to  talk over the phone while it is charging then you should stop doing it. The phone not only gets overheated unnecessarily there are chances of electrocution as well.


3) Do not sleep with your smartphones nearby.

Never sleep with your smartphone nearby, especially underneath the pillow. Not only is it risky, doctors debate that mobile devices interfere with brain signals during sleep which affects peaceful sleep.


4) Avoid keeping  smartphone in the chest pocket of the shirt.


While experts have debated this but doctors suggest people to avoid keeping any mobile transmitting device in the chest pocket of the shirt citing health reasons and can also cause heart problems.


5) Do not overcharge your smartphone.


Stop the practice of charging your smartphone for long hours, as this may lead to overheating. Always remember to unplug once the phone is fully charged to avoid overheating.



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