September 19, 2020

Dangers of Smartphone Radiation to our Body Health

Dangers of Smartphone Radiation to our Body Health

The dangers of smartphone radiation can be bad for your health if you use it continuously without any time limit. Thus, the radiation emitted will cause various health problems.

The smartphone is a device that is currently widely used in everyday life. The existence of this technology humans can do work quickly.

However, unwittingly the use of mobile phones every day can trigger health problems. Besides being able to affect the health of the skin and ears, the dangers of smartphone radiation also trigger the emergence of several deadly diseases.

It is known that cell phones have an emission of electromagnetic waves similar to non-ionizing radiation, but have a low level, and are still on the safe threshold, which is below 1.6 watts/kg.

Although declared safe, but if used continuously without any time limit, the radiation emitted will cause various health problems.

Here are the dangers of smartphone radiation for body health.

Frequent Headaches

Often feel headaches and even vertigo (feeling yourself and around in circles), can be caused by a smartphone that you store too close to the head. Because RF negative energy will be collected and easily enter the brain. This condition can cause vomiting.

Triggering Brain Damage

   Smartphone radiation waves, in general, can penetrate the vacuum, even able to penetrate brain tissue. If these conditions take place continuously, then this radiation wave will cause glycome, which ends in brain damage.

Easily Tired But Hard to Sleep

Radiation emitted from the use of a smartphone for hours will cause nerves around the head and face to become tense, so the blood flow becomes stagnant.

As a result, the body will appear tired and lack of energy due to lack of body fluids. So when we want to rest, we instead feel excessive anxiety so difficult to sleep.

Damaging the Kidney

Be careful about your habit of storing a smartphone in a pants pocket. The habit is dangerous because it can interfere with kidney performance. Therefore, smartphone radiation exposure can enter the blood vessels of the kidneys gradually, so that the kidney’s function to filter body fluids will be disrupted.

Skin cancer

The danger of radiation can also attack skin cells. Indirectly the radiation will increase the temperature on the surface of the skin and change pigmentation. If this is left unchecked, it will trigger the body cells to change their character into cancer cells. This is what later became the forerunner of skin cancer.

Triggering Breast Cancer

Storing an active cell phone in a breast pocket can trigger breast cancer. Therefore, the radiation will penetrate the mammary gland tissue and trigger the growth of cancer cells in breast tissue.

Indeed this does not happen directly but will accumulate over the years, which then activates cancer cells and accelerates the emergence of breast cancer.

Interfering with male fertility

Most men have their smartphones in their pants pockets. Though it can trigger blood circulation in the reproductive organs to be inhibited, can even interfere with male fertility. In addition, RF negative radiation from smartphones can reduce arousal in bed.


 If users often use their cellphones to make phone calls for hours, then the radiation that is exposed enters the ear cavity, thus inhibiting blood circulation.

Without realizing it, little by little, the cornea of ​​the eye will experience a decrease in performance, such as the ability to regulate temperature and water. This will cause cataracts because cell phone radiation triggers compaction of fog which will block the cornea of ​​the eye.

Heart attack

Radiation emitted by smartphones can also cause heart attacks. The average millennial child now often uses his smartphone to fall asleep. Automatic location of the phone will be close to the heart. This is what will cause stagnant blood flow, and the performance of the heart muscle will experience pressure.

Severe depression

Exposure to radiation entering the brain can control your mindset to continue using a smartphone, which then makes you addicted. Because this addiction risks causing severe depression if one day, you are forced to not be able to use a smartphone again. So, from now on, be wise in using smartphones.


Smartphone radiation exposure that passes through the ear cavity will spread to deeper brain tissue. This will cause a person to be confused, often forget, and even his memory decreases.

That is the danger of smartphone radiation that lurks for health. It is better to reduce the use of smartphones to avoid these dangerous diseases. To minimize cell phone radiation, use earphones or headsets if you are a businessman.