Did you know there is a Tribe who looks like Devils?

Could you believe that there are people who look like devils one-man marries ten woman.

They live in Indonesia and eat animal meat and sometimes "humans"

  One of the most mysterious tribes in Asia, specifically in Indonesia;  This tribe believes that it is the only one in this world, and its members spend their lives in magic, playing with super natural not dressing, living on trees, eating animal meat, and a little people!


They are the people of secret and mysterious "korowi" tribe.


The Korowi people are classified as being the closest to the stone life, or remaining stone age in the world.  They live in complete isolation outside world, and they live in the homes that they have built on tree trunks;  To lift it from the surface of the earth, with the need to rise from strangers;  As they fear any stranger.


According to their beliefs, they call themselves "ghosts of demons", as they believe in ancient traditions, legends and magic, and they believe that their dead ancestors can return to life at any time, just whoever among them marries whoever he wants whenever he wants, and the wives of one Korowai ten women.

  The Korowai tribe took control of nature.  Everything around them is primitive and their tools are made of stone and wood only, and they make their weapons to hunt fish and animals, as well as humans!


"A favourite"  among their favourite foods,  are dogs and grilled meats. The people of the tribe also do not have the knowledge to access modern medicines, and they always return to herbs and trees to treat diseases.  Which cause the very large number of dead.


And when you see their photos, you don't believe you are in front of people, but you might think it is one of the Stone Age stories in all its details.  Despite all their contradictions, the certainty remains that they exist, and our partners are on this earth.


The adventurous Italian photographer, "Gianluca Chiudini" was the first to photograph the tribe and its life, and pointed out that the first documented contact of the tribe with the outside world with a group of scholars took place in March 1974. He explains that until then, the Korowai members were completely unaware of anyone else on earth.


The Korowai managed to adapt to the harsh environment of the unknown forests of the rainforests for thousands of years and to keep their traditional culture alive ... but now it seems that their numbers are decreasing day by day.  As the tribe is now surrounded by a large group of villages inhabited by residents who have experienced civilization;  This affects the identity and culture of the tribe, and threatens its destruction.

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