August 13, 2020

Do you Want Know Why Jeff Bezos is More Richer Than Bill Gates?.

The net worth of the richest person in the world the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is
$ 166.3 billion! as of July 6, but this big figure would lead to a loss of the actual size of Bezos wealth!.
So let us look at the following at the speed with which he made his success, and relate it with the other billionaires, and the GDP of a number of countries, and provide a summary of his real estate properties.
 What are the daily earnings of Bezos?.
According to Forbes Magazine
 “Bezos has celebrated his 56th birthday on January 12, 2020. By July 6, his wealth was equivalent to a daily income of more than $ 8 million compared to his age”.
So If we started the account since he became an adult, he earned the equal of $ 12 million a day since he was 18 years old, this means that he earns $ 4.4 billion every year.
 ” If we started the account from 1994, when Bezos established Amazon from his home garage, he earned $ 17.5 million per day”.
 Today, Amazon has a value of $ 1.44 trillion, which means that the company has been attaining a value of $ 155 million daily since its beginning and that Bezos has an average annual income of $ 6.4 billion every year”.
 Compared to other billionaires
 “The difference in wealth between Bezos and Bill Gates, who is the second richest person in the world, is
$ 56.4 billion, making Bezos about 51.3% richer than the second on the list of the world’s rich.
 So If a billionaire owns the difference between Bezos and Gates, he will be ranked 14th on the Forbes list of billionaires in the world, surpassing the richest person in China, Ma Huateng”.
 Bezos is about 80 times richer, or 7819.04% richer than US President Donald Trump.  So if Donald Trump’s wealth is deducted 26 times from Bezos’ fortune, Bezos will remain the richest person in the world.
 Bezos is more than  $100 billion richer than the wealthiest person in Asia, Mukesh Ambani,
whose fortune is valued at $ 64.3 billion.
 For the Middle East, Bezos is three times richer than all the Arab billionaires combined according to Forbes Middle East’s list of the richest Arab people in the world for 2020, with a combined wealth of $ 47.3 billion
 Compare him with countries.
 Bezos’s net worth surpasses the gross domestic product of about 166 countries around the world (unilaterally rather than combined) and exceeds Hungary’s GDP of $ 160.9 billion, just below Algeria’s $ 169.9 billion, according to the latest World Bank figures.
 Bezos’s wealth is three times that of Lebanon’s gross domestic product, which amounts to $ 53.4 billion.  It is 21.9 times more than Mauritania’s GDP of $ 7.59 billion, which means that it can buy everything that produces in the country for over two decades.
 Bezos fortune ranks it 65th as the richest country in the world”.
 Real estate
According to Forbes Magazine, “Bezos owns a large number of properties, as it owns an area of ​​300,000 acres, placing it at No. 25 as the largest private landowner in the United States”.
 “He also owned an area of ​​165,000 acres north of Van Horn and uses it to test missiles owned by his Blue Origin space tourism company”.
 It is noted that Bezos paid $ 165 million in February this year to buy media mogul David Geffen in Beverly Hills, setting a new record for house prices in Los Angeles.
 “He also owns three adjacent apartments in the Century Tower in New York City, Bezos has spent $ 80 million to purchase a three-story penthouse and two units on the floor directly below at 212 Fifth Avenue Street, and an additional unit of $ 16 million adjacent to the two sub-units, which means that he owns approximately  Of $ 100 million in real estate in one building”.
” It also owns nearly 30,000 acres of real estate in Medina, Washington, and two properties in Washington, DC.
 In addition to investing in space travel, Bezos is building a $ 42 million mechanical watch designed to display time for 10,000 years on his Texas ranch, and Bezos also owns the Washington Post, which he bought in a $ 250 million cash deal.
 It is also reported that he owns the 2015 Gulfstream G-650ER Private First Class aircraft worth $ 65 million”.