August 13, 2020

Effects of Air-condition to your health

Effects of Air-condition to your health

The habit of being in an air-conditioned room might be difficult for some people to avoid now. From schools, offices, shopping centres, to homes, many use air conditioning to cool the air.

Especially in tropical countries like Nigeria, with prolonged hot weather makes the air conditioner a must-have item for every home.

But, did you know that these can endanger your health? Especially if the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, it can worsen the condition of the body to develop lung disease because the AC triggers germs to continue to settle in the room.

The air-conditioned room has a continuously rotating circulation, so the change of air is not good compared to the open environment.

If someone coughs, the germs will stay and rotate continuously in the room, and the air conditioner that is not routinely cleaned can trigger asthma. Because in the air conditioner that is rarely cleaned, dust will accumulate. This condition in asthma patients can trigger asthma.

In addition, continuous AC exposure can also cause dry skin. So that the skin does not dry out and the air circulation in the lungs is good,

Here are the dangers that lurk if you often spend time in an air-conditioned room;

Effects of Air-condition to your health

Easily tired

One of the bad effects of health from being too often in an air-conditioned room is easily tired. This happens because you are not breathing enough fresh air. Due to prolonged fatigue can cause headaches, nausea, nerve disorders, and even depression.

Hard to breath

Difficulty in breathing is one of the health problems that most often occurs when someone is too long in the room that uses air conditioning. The reason, many air conditioners that contain chemicals such as p-dichlorobenzene and formaldehyde that trigger respiratory diseases.

Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal problems also often occur when you are in an air-conditioned room. Again this happens because the chemical content of phthalates is a major component of making air conditioners.

Reproductive Problems

AC contains phthalates which are phthalic acid compounds. These chemicals in contact with your body for too long can cause reproductive problems.

Increase Pregnancy Disorders

For pregnant women, too often in an air-conditioned room can experience pregnancy disorders. This is due to the presence of phthalates which can cause birth defects.

How to overcome

Well, for those of you who are often in an air-conditioned room, there are several ways to avoid the adverse effects mentioned above, including;

Changes in temperature can suddenly affect the joints. Therefore, make sure the temperature of the room air conditioner is regulated so that the body is not surprised by sudden changes in temperature that are different from hot outside environments.

Spend Lunch Time Outside

When working with an air-conditioned room, come out when lunchtime arrives to get fresh air. Don’t spend your lunchtime indoors. Meanwhile, for conditions at home, open the bedroom window and door so that sunlight can enter.

Wear Warm Clothes

Use clothes that can warm the body while in an air-conditioned room, such as a long-sleeved shirt with quite thick material or a jacket. If you are in an open space, remove the warm clothing.

Drink enough water

To keep your body properly hydrated, drink enough water, even if you are in an air-conditioned room. Don’t wait until you are thirsty.