Facebook to Lunch Group Video Calls

The popular social media platform, Facebook has announced that it is improving the features of Messenger Rooms and Facebook Live to allow users to share video calls with up to 50 people, thus the social platform will be able to compete with services like Zoom and Google Meet.

"Group video calls" can be launched from Facebook or Messenger, and the user will be able to create a video chat room and invite anyone even if they do not have a Facebook account.

Participants will be invited by the creator of the room, and the creator of the room will be able to lock it when the number is complete to prevent any annoying person from entering".

Facebook announced that "people outside the room can see what is happening inside the room based on the desire of the room creator, and the room creator will decide "where the room is shared on Facebook, who can watch the broadcast and who can share."

Facebook announced in a statement that "the new features will be launched on Thursday in some countries, and will finally become available around the world".

Zoom shares drop 5% on Thursday after the announcement of Facebook.

Facebook disclosed in a post on its website: "Whether you are preparing for a book club with friends, interviewing a team of experts, attending a fitness lesson or want to spend a great time with your friends, the use of Messenger Rooms will allow you to interact with the fans, whatever their number."

It was realized that the popularity of shared video calling tools has increased after everyone had stayed at their homes and interact with others through the Internet, which helped Zoom to expand and push other big technology companies to participate in this market such as Google and Microsoft.

Zoom announced in April that "it registered about 300 daily active subscribers to the app - compared to just 10 million in December - and the number of daily active users on the Microsoft Times platform increased by 70% in April, registering 75 million.


Live broadcasts on Facebook also saw a rise after many events and events were transferred to the Internet, with the company reporting on Thursday that the rate of live broadcasts from Facebook pages doubled from June 2019 to June 2020.

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