Throught line of political miscalculation, social mistrust and betrayal of trust the greedy minded folks are duping huge number of poor masses.


Currently, in our contemporary communities, people are living amidst bloody folks who are masquerading their faces with magnanimous mask and enshrouded their bodies with transparent deceptive attires whichs adorned with ostentatious silky stuffs and also excelled in nothing meaningful and inexplicable rather than decorating blatant lies and other hoodwinking activities.


Initially, On set to their political voyage, they used to step their legs in a haphazard terrain where they realize people are in abyss, then begin with a tricky plans and start giving them an open hand, showing them the gesture of sympathy when calamity or disaster befall them, all sort of these kind of habits will be flowing on their stream, all in the name of pseudo generosity for the fact that deep inside those folks are eying juicy stuffs through their ways in the near future.


In addition to that, while assuming to be philanthropist in the eyes of the victims of corruption and corrupt officials ( Masses ) through their tricky activities, they will also delve in to the lake of craving popularity and wander through it with attractive attair of gimmick and at long last,  they will reveal their true color of the past actions which they performed upon the people they helped in the darker times.


Similarly, After that, they will still embark on forming and designing another deceitful move and plot against their society by picking some smart jobless or self-centered youths as their hunting dogs who will be trading their names, agendas, and be printing some papers and posing their posters in the nooks and cranies all in the name of solidarity but in the real sense they were paid to that in order to sway the attention of the their targeted communities.


Notwithstanding, those folks will appear to the public as saints and dervish who usually abstain the worldly temptation bearing comradeship and activist name but all sort of these moves are nothing except another way of playing people intelligence and sometimes they will be publicly going against the clarion call made by those bootlickers whom they paid in the previous times to over hype their hidden evil agendas and plans. Yet they deeply yearn to be in those hot political seats with the prime purpose of " self enrichment " with public treasury through illegal ways.


However, that's how they will keep manipulating us as a useful numbers to their dirty political business with lots of deceptive ideas and plots. Meanwhile, when election time comes, their gluttonous faces will be vindictive for they will wholeheartedly crave to secure the seats which they have been eying for years and if the markets appear to be not in their favor then that's the exact juncture where sensible folks among masses will fathom their plans because that will be perfect time they will be active politicians .


Likewise, in the course of their murky political affairs they will patiently awaits for several years to be nominated by their political parties and they will admit to do whatever they are requested to do without pondering about After effects of what they will do to their political god fathers and when times rotate on their favor, meaning they accumulated all the support and backup they wished to attatain from their cohorts and sealed the tickets then from there the masses will decipher their underground plans against them. Because when campaign season arrive, they will be as the rest dirty folks ( Politicians ) or if care is not taken they will be more fraudulent than the rest for they can wrap more treacherous lies and fakes promises with campaign fibre than the rest.


Moreover, on that similar basis their ugly pictures will keep manifesting incessantly to the masses at the point where no one can do the needful by throwing a stumbling block to their way for they have succeeded in championing the hearts of the majority poor people by telling them sweet lies and fantasizing everything to those who are the victims of ignorance which was deliberately orchestrated by those ungodly politicians and their alikes among evil elites and heartless merchants with full intention of perpetual launching their shenanigans and wicked plans against the masses.


More so, its truly indeed by spreading lies and treachery, twaddle and hogwash will be their popular Logo and identity all the time in the face of their people and they will often keep themselves busy scrutinizing how to understand the actual nightmares and problems bedeviling their targeted communities so as to adorn and concot a befitting fairy tales couple with riddles and fables in the name of campaign promises and present them in a any political gathering they found themselves while coaxing people to vote for them and their parties in the future times. For instance, they are well professionalized architects when it comes to sketching an attractive lying and other bizarre dirty political business for they can promise you heaven on earth when looking for your political weapons ( Votes ) Just to clinch the positions they yearned.


Although, until when times prevails, meaning when beast have captured their target by securing the seats they have been aspiring for more than a decade through ballots papers and box, the power circle they dreamt of parambulating within its now their ephemeral home and most importantly the access they crave to dig to the public treasury they now have made it for they have the audacity to rob the treasury openly at the detriment of the poor masses without being ashamed in the face of those who brought them there. Meanwhile, those poor people can't afford to school their children well or even have the little resources to pay for their bills for other necessities that signufies that they are there to serve their vested interest not people interest.


Sadly, the aftermath of their devilish political plots will appear when they make a giant stride by plundering the treasury with the intention of regaining the money which they have spent during the hey days of their fake philanthropy and altruistic gesture. For to them such is nothing but an entity where one will donate little tokens to the vulnerable ones in the name of assistance but the covert rationale behind that, its an investment because they know politicians and other frauderster among their allies will give something out in order to get multiple of it, so its their philosophy to spend millions to get billions in return in near future. 


Well, before people mistook them as emancipators and Salvators who study their problems are dive in to the world of politics with quite motive of getting rid out of our obstacles and make things to be stable for the benefit of common man, but at the tale end they appear before the general populace as Beast and Haynes who care about nothing but their heart desires and who will later sink the communities in to the dungeon of misery and remorse.


Until when the knowledgeable ones among us possess the whims and urge to educate our communities about the plight and tragedy of the actions of such fraudsters who always mind to find an easy avenue to which they will deceive local people and get access to power and launch their evil target against asset. Then things will get in touch with change positively.

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Faruku sahabi - Sep 30, 2020, 9:03 PM - Add Reply

All those things happened in one way the other.

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