Fidelity Bank announces changes in board

Fidelity Bank Plc says it has planned to supplant a portion of its active chiefs, who as of late effectively finished their residencies on the board as per the bank's inward administration approaches.

It said this in an assertion on Monday named 'Constancy Bank declares board retirements and new arrangements'.

The Executive Director, South Directorate, Mrs Aku Odinkemelu, who was selected to the board on August 4, 2014, will be resigning by December 31.

As leader chief, Aku assumed a characterizing part as an individual from the change group in Fidelity Bank throughout the most recent six years, as indicated by the assertion.

A non-leader chief, Chief Charles Umolu, finished his residency and resigned from the board on December 16.

He served on the Board Risk, Credit, Finance and General Purpose, Audit and Corporate Governance Committees and led the Board Credit Committee until he resigned.

A non chief, Mr Michael Okeke, likewise effectively finished his residency and resigned on December 18.

He was an individual from different board panels including the Board Corporate Governance Committee, which he led from October 2018 to December 2019.

Another non-leader chief, Mr Alex Ojukwu, will finish his residency and resign by December 31.

He at present serves on the Board Credit, Risk, Audit and Corporate Governance Committees and seats the Board Risk Committee.

Instead of the resigned and active non-chief chiefs, the board reported the arrangement of Mrs Amaka Onwughalu, Mr Nelson Nweke and Mr Chinedu Okeke as non-leader chiefs.

The bank expressed that the arrangements of Onwughalu and Nweke had been endorsed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, while Okeke was anticipating CBN endorsement.

The board communicated its thankfulness to the active chief and non-leader chiefs for their noteworthy commitments to the development and improvement of the bank.

The Chairman, Fidelity Bank Plc, said Mr Mustafa Chike-Obi, stated, "Constancy Bank is special to have profited by the joined insight and ability of these refined woman and noble men.

"We express gratitude toward them for their support of the bank and wish them the absolute best in their future undertakings."


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