August 13, 2020

Finally Trump Wear a Mask in Public.

 Repeatedly Trump avoided wearing masks, even after White House officials were positive for the virus, and more helpers
wore it.
Trump sent a helicopter to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in a suburb of Washington, where he met a wounded medical officer treating patients with Covid-19. When he left the White House Trump told reporters. “Especially when I’m in the hospital … I think it’s good to wear a mask.
Report said ” Trump put on a mask in Walter Reed’s hallway at the beginning of the visit. He did not carry it when he left the helicopter at the facility. “I have never been against a mask, but I think there is time and a place,” he told a White House reporter before heading to Walter Reed’s hospital. The president is masked by sexual violence that has been prevalent in the United States since March, 2.2 million people were infected and at least 134,000 were killed”.
“The most famous Republican, including Vice President Mike Pence, agreed to wear a mask when the Crown virus was acquired this summer. As pandemics become more severe in many countries in the south and west, the governor of the republic is trying to encourage or encourage the use of masks. The survey followed Joe Biden’s Democratic Party in the ballot box before the November elections, and polls showed that most Americans complained about the public health crisis. However, despite the high prevalence of the disease in the United States, the president continued to praise his response to the epidemic”.
“Another diary was published on Saturday with 66,528 confirmed cases of new infections, and the number of deaths increased from almost 800 to 135,000. In Florida, where nearly one in six new infections were reported, the Walt Disney World Park was partially reopened after a four-month outage due to the virus. Hundreds of people went to Orlando Park, and some Mickey Ear sports wore masks like social streets and other hygiene measures”
The US is the country worst hit by the illness, followed by Brazil — which surpassed 70,000 deaths on Friday.