August 13, 2020

Find out the most common causes of gallstones

Find out the most common causes of gallstones

There are many factors that cause gallstones. But not a few people wrongly refer to pain due to gallstones as a symptom of an ulcer. Moreover, the location of this organ which is close to gastric organs.

Gallstones or in a medical language called “Cholelithiasis” is a condition when a person experiences abdominal pain due to the formation of stones in the organ located under the liver, the gallbladder.

If seen from the initial signs of gallstone pain is very similar to an ulcer. This intense pain occurs and is felt around the stomach. That’s why not a few people who suspect it as an ulcer disease.

Aside from the causes of gallstones, this disorder usually shows no symptoms. However, symptoms can appear when the pain is suffered, causing blocked bile ducts.

The most common symptom of gall pain is a pain in the middle of the stomach. If left unchecked, the condition can spread to other parts of the body, such as shoulder blades and shoulders.

In addition to the above pain, several symptoms and early signs of gallstone pain that often appears include nausea, vomiting, flatulence, diarrhoea, and loss of appetite.

The Most Common Causes of Gallstones

Basically, the causes of gallstones are many factors. Well, are some of the most common causes of gallstone pain that you should know and be aware of.

1. Total Empty Gallbladder

Bile functions to digest and process cholesterol in the body. If the gallbladder can no longer empty its contents, it means that the remaining cholesterol is not wasted. This causes stones to form in the gallbladder.

2. Bile Contains Excess Cholesterol

Other factors that cause gallstones, one of them is because bile contains too much cholesterol. Keep in mind; normal bile must contain enough bile salt compounds to dissolve cholesterol.

But if the production is too much or too much, then this will cause cholesterol to be difficult to solve. As a result, crystals form in the gallbladder and turn into stone.

3. Bile Bags Contain Many Bilirubin

Other causes of gallstones are related to bilirubin. Bilirubin is a chemical that the body naturally produces to break down red blood cells. Unfortunately, under certain conditions, the liver can produce too much bilirubin.

This condition can be the cause of bilirubin to harden and end up becoming stone. The types of disorders that cause the liver to produce excess bilirubin include, among others, bile duct infections, cirrhosis of the liver, and certain blood disorders.

Food Causes Gallstones

Eating foods that cause gallstones is also a matter of concern. High cholesterol intake will make it difficult for bile to process it. Therefore avoid or limit this kind of food.

The following are various types of food and drinks that can cause gallstones to be avoided or should be limited, namely:

1. Foods that contains high saturated fat, such as cheese, biscuits, butter, and various cakes.

2. Foods that contain lots of fat, such as fried foods.

3. Foods that cause diarrhoea should also be avoided, such as high-fat milk and foods that contain lots of sugar.

4. Limit also drink drinks that cause diarrhoea, such as coffee, tea, and drinks that contain lots of sugar.

Those are the various factors that cause the most common gallstones that are important to know. Stay away from various triggers for gallstones to make us avoid this health problem.