For Men- this is a Sensitive Point for Women

Before making love with your partner, it would be nice for you men to know the sensitive points of your partner's female body parts. The reason is, a woman's body is stored a lot of mysteries, which later you and your partner in sex increasingly vibrant.

Indeed until now, not only men, women also still do not realize which parts of the body are very sensual and sensitive.

Here are some parts of a woman's body that you never knew.



In general, feel disgusted and feared unhygienic when we explore toes. In fact, the toes can be used as a source of intense stimulation when we do foreplay or warming up. The area is one of the most sensitive that can encourage erotic exploration. The trick, give your partner a gentle massage using the hands or Mr. P. Guaranteed, your partner will be passionate and wilder.


Thighs are one of the areas closest to the intimate part. This will definitely give a very great sensation when you touch the area. Touch the him gently, either using your hands or kiss with your tongue with an intimate. Play for a while in the area, so that it arouses his passion again.


Butt is one of the assets owned by women and is also very popular with men. Feeling and squeezing your buttocks even with a bite will make your partner's female sexual desire even greater.


Women are very happy when you kiss her, your hands holding her waist. This will spoil your female partner, and is a pleasure for women. Flirt her and gently touch the back.


Very rarely and often times people skip this one part. In fact, the wrist has a sensitive pulse. When you gently touch or kiss the area, feel the sensation. And it would be better if Ladies sprayed your partner's favorite male perfume, so that the doi will not stop playing in the wrist area.


When doing foreplay, the neck is often ignored by men. In fact, the nape of women can be used as an attraction for men in Japan. Take action using your lips or your hands in the area. Ask your husband to lick your neck up and down. Or have your neck massage with a gentle yet erotic massage.


Ear areas can actually make a woman's libido increased. Because the area is also included as a very sensitive area. The trick is to gently play or lick the ear gently using the tongue, then proceed to kiss intimate to the back


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