August 10, 2020

Full Details of the Saudi Plan to Open Mosques in the Kingdom

Full Details of the Saudi Plan to Open Mosques in the Kingdom

An authorized source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced a short time ago that the Kingdom issued 14 protocols as part of the new preventive measures issued by Saudi Arabia for the plan to coexist with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

After a closure that lasted for more than two and a half months, Saudi Arabia announced the opening of the re-congregational Friday prayer in all mosques of the Kingdom, except for the mosques of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, issued a special protocol for the reopening of mosques in the kingdom consisting of 20 precautionary clauses to limit the spread of the coronary epidemic “COVID 19” We publish the text of the protocol issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its plan to open mosques starting next Sunday. The mosque opened 15 minutes before the obligatory prayer and closed it ten minutes after the prayer. Opening mosques 20 minutes before Friday prayers, and closing 20 minutes after praying. Urging the worshipers to keep a distance of one and a half to two meters between each worshiper and the other. Leave a row without worshipers between every two rows so that the first row of the worshipers is the second row empty and the third row of the worshipers and so on.

Providing enough space on the outskirts of the mosque to allow the movement of the worshipers’ exit from the first rows to the exits without the need to pass between the worshipers Divide the entrances so that on each side there is an entrance path and an exit path in case there is more than one entry. Distributing hand antiseptics in the mosque, if possible. Ensure that the hand sanitizer contains 60-80% of alcohol and meets the requirements of the Food and Drug General Authority. Distributing tissue paper throughout the mosque and placing it in prominent places. Environmental surfaces, mosque carpets and supports are routinely cleaned with approved disinfectants, if possible. Remove books, Qurans, and Qurans if possible, and urge worshipers to take their Qur’ans with them. Periodically cleaning and disinfection of places where the shoes are placed. Remove dirt with soap and water before disinfection. Maintaining a record of surface disinfection times. Keeping the mosque door open during prayer time, and closing it after all worshipers leave.

Ensure good ventilation in the mosque, preferably to use natural ventilation and reduce temperature, and use artificial ventilation in addition to natural ventilation if possible. Remove all water coolers and water refrigerators, and any type of food or beverage in the mosque. It is preferable to have trash and wastebaskets that work without the need to touch and waste should be disposed of continuously. Close toilets and places of ablution in mosques. Wearing a cloth muzzle or what covers mouth and ablution at home, and be careful not to shake when leaving.