September 19, 2020

Gali Na’abba: I didn’t disowned anything i said at DSS Office.

The Former House of Representative Speaker, Alhaji Gali Umar Na’abba, has narrated how he was be questioned by the DSS he disclosed this late Monday evening after he left the DSS National Headquarter office Abuja.

He said “I did not disown anything I said. I will never mince my words. Whatever I see as the truth I say it.

“And that is what I said in my interview and said during the press conference. And I can never say anything that is not the truth,” he said.

He continued: “What happened was there were certain words that appeared in my address and interview which needed some clarifications and which clarification, I made.

“We were both satisfied with what happened. We advised one another. The DSS have their own job and their own experience. I too have my own vocation also have my own experience. And we felt highly enriched by our experiences.

“That is how things are supposed to be. It went successfully. I enjoyed my stay there. I had no problems with the way they received me.

Source: The Nation.