Gunmen invade Lagos community, kill businessmen

Two finance managers were supposedly shot dead by hoodlums who attacked the Igbe-Lara people group in the Igbogbo-Bayeku Local Council Development Area of Lagos State. 


The news accumulated that everybody approached their day-by-day exercises when abruptly no less than 15 criminals, outfitted with modern weapons, raged the Igbe-Lara transport stop and started shooting at the individuals. 


Inhabitants and entrepreneurs, whose shops were situated in the territory, were said to have rushed for wellbeing. 


Notwithstanding, while a yet-to-be-recognized man managing in the canine business was taken shots dead at the front of a relaxation community, Dre Bar, another finance manager, Olanrewaju Omobolaji, otherwise known as Excel, was additionally gunned down in a bar, Garden Bar. 


An inhabitant, Abideen Akintunde, said Omobolaji was shot in the head, adding that asides from the two dead casualties, some different occupants supported slug wounds. 


He stated, "The aggressors raged the region in two vehicles and shot ceaselessly. Many individuals were injured, and two individuals were murdered in various areas. The individuals who executed the wrongdoing were around 15 in number. 


"They accompanied advanced weapons. There was no sign that they had an objective because the second they got to the Igbe-Lara Junction, they started shooting and continued shooting as they went into the inward road prompting the Garden Bar. While shooting, they drove past the bar and went not far off. 


"It was the point at which they were restoring that they shot one of the clients, Olanrewaju Omobolaji, in the head inside the Garden Bar; he kicked the bucket on the spot. Afterward, we assembled that another man who sold canines near the Dre Bar, on the Igbe-Ginti Road, was likewise taken shots dead at the front of the bar." 


An image made accessible to PUNCH Metro demonstrated Omobolaji's body on the floor in a pool of blood. 


Another inhabitant, Seyi Ismaila, while mourning the region's instability, said wherever was tense when the gangsters attacked the region around 4 pm. 


He noticed that it was not the first run through shooting occurrences would occur in the network. 


"Landowners, occupants, entrepreneurs are worn out on the uncertainty in the network. Now and then, you see cultists moving around with firearms. We have had a progression of shooting episodes, including cultists in this network, and we are worn out. 


"The police should have the option to follow the individuals that went to the network, murdered two individuals and harmed others. The people group was serene previously, however right now, we are terrified and we are not, at this point safe due to the exercises of these cultists. We need law requirement offices to send cops in the zone to secure lives and property in Igbe-Lara." 


The state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said just a single individual was executed, adding that the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, had requested the Area Commander to expand security in the territory. 


Adejobi stated, "The occurrence occurred inverse Dre Bar, in Olomitutu Junction, Igbe. A man was shot dead inverse the bar, and police officers from the Ijede division were sent to the region. We don't have any record of another passing in the zone. Be that as it may, from perception, aside from cultists, we realize a few young men typically meet up for the sake of gangsterism and cause issues. 


"The vast majority of these gangsters are youthful and into hard medications, in this way, when they are on medications, they act up. Yet, the Commissioner of Police had a gathering with the Area Commander to expand security and regularity has been reestablished."


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