July 13, 2020

He kill his mother and sleep with her corpse Read the reason

An 18-year-old man, Samuel Akobobumi, was arrested by the police in Edo Prefecture on suspicion of killing his mother for a money ritual, explaining how he did it.

Akpobome told PUNCH Metro on Wednesday that while her victim, Kristiana Igoyevoyi, was strangled, she was sleeping at her home in Market Street, Ulughbo, Akuba local government district and Okha state home.

The teenager was arrested by police chief Johnson Kokomo and he said he later sleep with his mother’s body.

Akboom, from Delta State University, the youngest child of the deceased, said he followed instructions from an anonymous spritual master.

He said: “I want to use it (Christiana) as a money ritual. When she strangled her around 5am, she strangled her. Doctor Kohara suggested I kill her. After killing her, I was with her I fell asleep. The original spritual master asked me to do this and kept his body for two days.

“The spritual master told me to kill my mother and sleep with her. But he didn’t tell me how many days I slept with her. The mother didn’t hurt me. I killed her for money.”

The suspect also admitted that he was unlucky when his grandmother saw his daughter’s lifeless body and issued an alarm leading to his arrest.

He added: “I have nowhere to keep her body. When I left, I didn’t know that my grandmother was sitting outside.

“When I opened the door, my grandmother saw the corpse in the room and issued an alarm, which caught the attention of my neighbors.”

The commissioner ignored the suspects and noted that the crimes had been reported by Ologuebo Police Station by Patrick Ogbidi at around 6 am on October 29.

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