August 10, 2020

 Health Benefit of eating chicken meat

Health Benefit of eating chicken meat

The chicken is a bird, and consequently the white meat, popular among Nigerian, who like to eat it boiled, fried, baked or broiled – needless to say it is extremely versatile in cooking.

Other reasons for this preference are because it is a very cheap meat option, in addition to the reputation of being healthier than red meat in general, and for having less fat. In addition, it is one of the main products we export, which also involves talking about which products are used to make it create more meat, a subject that causes a lot of controversies.

Here, in this Article, we will talk about the benefits of chicken meat, its nutrients, how long chicken meat can stay in the refrigerator,  Read on!

Compositions of chicken meat

considered less noble and despised by many Nigerian: liver, heart and gizzard. So never throw Chicken meat is considered lighter and therefore, easier to digest because it has less fat. By associating this with the number of vitamins and proteins you have, it is easy to explain your reputation for being healthy. Let’s look at vitamins.

Vitamins comprise in chicken meat

Iron: being white meat, it contains less iron than that of the ox. However, this substance in chicken meat is concentrated in the kids, parts those parts away again! Iron is important for the transport of oxygen that occurs between blood and cells, and its lack can cause anaemia and fatigue.

B3 (niacin): is the vitamin found in greater quantity in chicken meat, responsible for the treatment of cholesterol and other fats in the blood. With this, it helps to prevent cancer and diseases of brain malfunction, such as Alzheimer’s disease, along with selenium.

B6: controls blood sugar levels, helping in the health of the heart and blood vessels. And, together with proteins and niacin, it acts against fatigue and wears and tear in the mood.

A : acts on the skin, regulates the functioning of the eyes and the growth of the body, and prevents infections.

C : helps in the absorption of minerals and strengthens the immune system.

D : also found in sunlight, this hormone performs numerous functions in the body: it acts on the nervous system (both in cognition and mood functions and in the motor system), in the formation and strengthening of bones and teeth (together with calcium) and over 270 genes and cells in the cardiovascular system.

K : improves blood clotting and plays a role in the health of bones and teeth.

E : vitamin responsible for skin regeneration.

Phosphorus : it is responsible for several functions: it acts in the formation of proteins, which will form the most diverse organs of the body; strengthens bones, teeth, muscles and our immune system, performs functions in the nervous and digestive systems, among others.

Zinc : it is important in pregnancy, it regenerates cells, it also protects against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, it regulates the functioning of the eyes (together with vitamin B3), among other functions.

Potassium: improves the nervous system and makes bones more resistant, among many other functions.

Selenium: antioxidant functions, that is, cell regeneration and fight against free radicals responsible for premature aging in tissues and organs. Thus, it prevents disabling diseases and rejuvenates the skin. It is also a very important vitamin for the thyroid.

Magnesium : acts on the functioning of more than 300 types of enzymes.

Taurine : an amino acid that acts in the metabolism of lipids (fats) and as a metabolic transmitter, which strengthens cardiac contractions and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Side effects of chicken meat

There is a scientific discussion about the use of so-called growth promoters in birds in general to develop more meat in less time. Although the effects are the same as for hormones, both should not be confused, because growth promoters are produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

The point is that these products can contribute to the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, which hampers the cure of many diseases in people, in addition to enhancing the appearance of stronger versions of them. In addition, breeders argue that chicken meat today is healthier than in the past, because of the rations given to animals, which make their meats create more protein and vitamins and less fat.

In addition, if chicken meat is eaten with skin, fried or dipped in fatty sauces or cheese, its advantage of losing much less fat than beef is lost. For those who want to preserve this benefit, it should be eaten without skin and cooked or grilled.

The cut considered most healthy is the breast (one of the favourites of Nigerian, along with the thigh and drumstick). And, despite having vitamins that help control bad cholesterol and increase HDL, which is good cholesterol, it has about the same amount of cholesterol as beef. This is a paradox that some experts explain as follows: if chicken meat did not have bad cholesterol (LDL), it also could not have good cholesterol to supply.

Therefore, people with cardiovascular or chronic kidney problems should consult a nutritionist to find out how much and how often to eat it, respectively for fat and proteins.

How long can chicken meat stays in a refrigerator?

This is one of those questions whose first answer should always be: “it depends”. If you have just arrived from shopping, immediately store the chicken meat in the freezer, after removing it from the packaging and placing it in a container. Seasoning it at this time is optional, but it is one more tip to help it in its conservation. Either way, if frozen, it can last up to six months. And it should never be refrozen because it causes changes in its colour and texture.