How African Leaders go against International Orders to protect ‘their people’ – Ekemini Thompson

Madagascar’s President – Andry Rajoelina early April 2020 announced the country had finally found a cure for the ravaging Corona Virus which was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 28. While addressing the Press, President Rajoelina who gave the name of the herbal combination as ‘Covid Organics’ stated that the remedy had the necessary ingredient to end SARS-CoV-2 virus in the body within 7 days.

While the world waited for a possible vaccine – a notion which has been condemned by a good percentage of Africans as having a hidden agenda – the announcement by Madagascar’s President didn’t go well with the World Health body, the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO had requested an analysis done on the functionality and individual composition of elements in the Covid Organics, a position held also by the National Medical Association of Madagascar. But the President said the rejection could be traced to a bias in judgment – WHO not accepting Africa could come up with a cure, at least not that ‘quick’.


How African Leaders go against International Orders to protect ‘their people’

There was a sudden move by Economic Community of West African State to support ‘local contents’; hence, the distribution of the herbal combination was exported to different countries including Nigeria. What contributed to this? The curve in Madagascar seem to have been flattened a week after the announcement and accusation against WHO.

Whether or not WHO was wrong to insist the drug does not qualify as a global cure will later be justified with Madagascar, a month later, declaring another lock-down with severe penalties to law-violators. What changed? Keep that by the side.

Nigerian born Ramon Olorunwa Abbas also known as Hushpuppi was also on the news for fraudulently scamming estimated 1.9 million people. Hushpuppi was charged to court by the United States government for charges including laundering of several millions of dollars from business email compromise (BEC) frauds, a foreign bank and schemes targeting a US law firm.

He was arrested early June by Interpol in the United Arabs Emirate and extradited to the United States of America to face criminal charges. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Hushpuppi and his cohorts also planned to dupe an English Premier League football club of 48bn Naira. The latest which has it that Abbass was involved in the 2 Million pounce scam in 2018 involving an Italian Seria A Side for the purchase of Stefen de Virji, who now plays for Inter Milan.

There is news that Hushpuppi may have to serve a jail term of 20 years for all his crimes. Just to note, Hushpuppi is a leader of his community, an Instagram account of well over 2 million followers.

The recent happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo is next. The Central African country is allegedly experiencing genocide. The leaders of the Republic are paying deaf ear to the cries of the trending #CongoIsBleeding hash tag which has been going on for weeks now.

According to reports, the country is home for natural deposits including: gold, uranium, copper, tin, coltan used in the manufacture of phones by the Western world. But with 48 women raped every hour and millions displaced, its leaders in collaboration with multinationals and border countries continue to aid the looting of Congo leaving citizens impoverished.

President Felix Tshisekedi has continued to show political correctness rather than tackling the problems headlong. While he promises a better future for the country, little seems to have been done since his election to office in January 2019.

Back in Nigeria, the #EndSARS protesters have been on the streets for well over 10 days demanding an end to police brutality which has become a norm in Southern Nigeria. Top of the demands include not just declaring an end to the Special Anti Robbery Squad (which the government has done), but also passing an Executive Order backing the declaration. The protesters also want every erring security personnel brought to book and compensation paid to families of those who have lost their lives as a result of trigger-happy police officers.

How African Leaders go against International Orders to protect ‘their people’

Nigeria’s President Muhammad Buhari, in his usual manner, seemed to have accepted the request of the protesters and have asked Governors to set up committees to handle the issues.  

On Tuesday, a 24 hour curfew was declared the Lagos, the most populous city in Africa. But this did not go down well with the protesters as, instead of their demands – tagged #5of5 – being met, Police continued with show of brutal force to protesters across many states in Nigeria.

Described a Black Tuesday, military personnel were caught in camera allegedly shooting at unarmed protesters in Lekki Toll Plaza of Lagos, leading to fatalities and injuring many according to report from Arise News TV. 

This will not be the first time Nigeria is experiencing gross murder and massacre enable by State forces, over 340 unarmed shites Muslims were killed under this same administration in a day without any prosecution by the Nigerian authorities.

The first in this article, is that of a President going against international orders to ‘protect’ his people; second is that of a celebrity going against international orders to satisfy his audience; the rest, that of Presidents going against international laws to satisfy their people. 

You’d almost think ‘People’ as used here refers to the mass followership these leaders have, interestingly, it does not.

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