September 18, 2020

How to build good relationships with parents

How to build good relationships with parents

How to live without arguing with your parents and at the same time letting them know that there are things you can do yourself but sometimes you need them. And how to make sure they don’t dictate their terms for help?

Not too long ago, your parents were hardly coming home from work, coming up with your own news, detailed stories of what they did, sharing everything about what you did in English, that you had a fun new student sitting next to you, The Armenian teacher has fallen ill and you haven’t written a check (haha) that you found a very interesting new computer game … and so on. And now you only laugh when your little sister or brother does the same thing, and when it comes to you, you answer all the questions short “normal” and rush to your room to talk alone with your friend via Skype or Social. via network.

No one can say for sure when the children are leaving their parents when the content of the conversation is changing, but it is a fact that all grown children go through. Agree that it is now more important for you to communicate with friends than with your parents. And it’s natural, you learn to live and survive on your own, and you don’t have to grip and take control of your every move.

But don’t rush to cut all ties with your childhood home, even if your parents aren’t first on your friends list. After all, they are your parents, your closest people, and you need to make a little effort to maintain good friendships with them.

How to talk to parents

Most likely, you talk to your friends more often than not to your parents. It is natural. No matter how good and wonderful your relationship is in your family, you cannot remain in that warm but narrow circle all your life. You are learning about independence and independence, you want to make your own decisions, you choose the way of life and lifestyle, and it is very good and joyful. It is important to remember that you do not have to give up your parents’ help and advice. You can say that it is difficult to discuss serious issues with them. Yes, it’s not really easy. But before moving on to the more important and serious questions for you, you can get used to simpler and easier topics.

Don’t fill up, talk about your day-to-day affairs with your parents just for no reason. It is very important and enjoyable for them. They love you after all.

You will always find something you can share with adults. There are many events happening in your life every day, and you can easily make your parents happy with different news, such as your teacher getting married, the headmaster going on retirement, you going on holiday camping or having extra informatics classes on Saturdays. If you have no desire to talk about schoolwork, you can tell other things, such as the wickedness of your or your neighbor’s dog, in short, everything that comes to your mind. The important thing is that you develop the habit of sharing with your parents at different events in your life. This will greatly help you strengthen your relationship with your parents and your relationship. And when it comes to sharing a serious or important issue, it will be much easier for you to do so. And how to read in the next section.