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It’s obvious every website owner or blogger is interested in improving their visibility on search engines in other to get more customers or site visitors. Funny enough many are in need of shortcuts.

What really matters is that seo is more useful, I mean is more of a  long game, its more profitable and anyone in need of quick results should be entertained with a high level of skepticism.

On this post/article I would be breaking down some important steps that would certainly boast your visibility on google search result pages also known as (SERPS).

I do recommend you invest more on Seo than normal adverts undo running adverts are cool but running more of SEO would help boast your visibility on the internet.

Am really impressed whenever I Google search a keyword and I see my site pop up on front page, having your site on front pages on search engines would definitely increase sales/customers/site visitors on your website/blog.

The question most site owners/blog owners do ask is “How long does it takes to get your site ranking high on google?”

How long does it takes to get your site ranking high on google?

I bought a new domain & an hosting plan, designed my site and write some dope interesting articles than I kind of did some little seo after reading some interesting articles on the internet, I expected my site to rank higher within 24hours, only for me to figure out it toke around a week/month for Google to properly index your site and it takes around a month or a year for Google to start ranking your site on front pages.

It’s somehow frustrating and could be like a copout that’s that the main truth.

It takes time to rank higher on Google & other search engines, it also needs good skills, good budget, your level of competition and it also depends on how your website stacks up against your competitors.

Now am going to share some nice ideals on what you can do to make these things happen faster.

You have to Continuously Improvement Your site

Around march last year (2018) at a google webmaster central office hours hangout, a question of how long it take to see improvement came up.

Mr john Mueller who happens to be a senior webmaster trends analyst at google, made it known that it takes some time. He quoted that search engines algorithm has to carry out a proper index on your entire sites after changes have been implemented, that even if we make drastic changes on our site design and functionality, it definitely would take months or even a year or more to have more impact. He also said we should not just design a website down and wait for results, He recommended that we continue to work on more improvement on our sites because it’s the ultimate goal.

Working on improving your site regularly is important, because it have a positive impact on your site crawling and indexing. It’s important you know that low-quality urls are less crawled often by googlebot, and this theoretically make evaluation on your site longer.

I strongly advice that is not a good idea to remove infrequently crawled pages. Because some of this pages may have already be ranking for valuable keyword/key phrases and take of such links would affect your site traffic and ranking negatively..

How Long does It normally Takes to Rank high on Google

After a success study, Ahrefs came up with some interesting information based on how long it could take for Google to rank your website/blog.

See how:

  • After a successful research it was obvious that page that ends up ranking on the top 10 was around 2 to 3years old. While the average age of pages ranking first are nearly around 3years to 4years old. In other words with great improvement and unique content along with a professional seo you certainly would rank high on search engines in a year,2 or even 3year.


  • It was also noticed that among the page that ranked in the top 10 ,not more than 22 where 1year old.
  • We also noticed that within 2 to 6months some site where about to get ranked into the top 10, that one secret we working on, Once I and my team are about to get genie info about how it happened we would write an article about it here. I advise you subscribe to our channel so you can be updated once that info is intact.

Improving Your Google Rankings

After much explaining, you should understand that getting your site to rank high on google search engine takes a lot of hard work,dedication,skill and some good-luck. With more dedication and hard work it won’t take more than a year to get your site ranking high on google search engine.

Therefore if you looking at boosting sales and conversations on your website true search engine optimization then here are the steps to take:

  1. build a sound and solid foundation

bad website structure and poor information architecture can spoil even the best seo campaigns.

If your site is hard for visitors/users to navigate true and for google to crawl then it would be difficult for your site to rank high.

It’s Import to consider usability first on a mobile platform because that’s one important factor in search engine site ranking.


Make sure to run a Technical SEO Audit


It important to run a technical seo audit in other for you to know what and what you liking on and to see your errors.


Fixing Duplicate  Content

This issue is common but its important to get it fixed on time,Duplicate content issues are also part of technical issues and has negative effect on your site ranking.

Take For example, http://www.yousite.comhttps://www.yousite.com, and would be surely considered by Google as a four different pages with same content.

You can resolve this by setting a proper redirect rules in your .htaccess file.

  1. Optimize your site for Mobile

In other to rank your site high on google you need to pass the google mobile friendly test, its Important to make your site mobile friendly.

 Google said:

“crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically be using the desktop version of a page’s content. Mobile-first indexing is important becos we use the mobile version of your site to rank your site…”

Therefore its Important to double down your mobile task and performance in other to avoid melt down in mobile ranking..


Its important to think about what your blog users would be doing on your site the moment they land on it. Try making it easy for them to be able to perform basic tasks smoothly without having to face any difficulties even while performing multiple tasks.



Have you ever asked yourself if your visitors do end up scrolling endlessly on your site to access services and offers offered by you?

Do images slow down loading speed/time on your website/blog?

Are you aware that google now uses “page speed” as a factor for mobile search ranking?

  1. Optimize your website for Speed

I don’t think I would ever visit a site that is way too slow more than once, the moment I visit a site and I notice the load time was slow I won’t want to return back to such site instead I certainly would find and alternative.

So therefore it is important to continuously monitor both your mobile and desktop speed and keep improving. Google uses page speed to rank your site.

I advise you use the google page speed tools to check and improve your site performance.

Here are some few tips on how you can execute page speed optimization:

Work on Image File Size

Make use of a good image editing program to reduce your image size before uploading, you can also optimize your image using an image compression and optimizer tool. If you using wordpress then I recommend you go search for an “image compression “plugin.

Having low image display on your site can drastically increase your site loading speed.

And its important for you to confirm that the dimensions of the image fit into the reserved image space to retain a clean, structured look on your website preview.

Work on Browser Caching

Browser caching: when web browser loads a page, It eventually loads a number of resources and it ends up storing files locally on the users computers. Therefore when a user makes its way into a new page those resources need not to be loaded again.

you can enable browser caching by adding code to the web host/server .htaccess file.

For wordpress users, using a plugin is much better and easy, i recommended “swift performance plugin”.

  that why I myself uses wordpress because of its features such as plugins making seo and other functionality task easy to carry out.

Work on your site Script Handling

Its important you enhance your site before loading countless js and css files, and make sure you need those extra augmentations as they usually end up slowing down your website. In other to increase your site speed you might have to minify these files.

It’s also cool to minify your files by stripping comments in other to keep your site loading fast.

You can also merge several scripts into a single file because you will be one retrieving call to the server to load all the scripts


  1. Work hard on Links

Internal and external links has continue to have a huge impact on site ranking therefore its advisable to work on your site internal and external linking.

This are few tips that would help you polish up your game:

Fixing Broken Links

A lot of website/blog owners has this habit of ignoring broken links not knowing that this could create a less ideal for user experience. It’s important to run a crawl on your site with tools like W3C LINK CHECKER because such tools can easily spot the 404 errors and eventually fix them. For wordpress users you can easily install a plugin that can help carry out and even monitor this task.


Work on Exact Match Anchor Text


Wrong use of exact match anchor text could be poisonous as an external linking strategy but also could play a huge role when selecting internal anchor text.

Try not to be spammy, but if you feel its important use it.


Make sure you Turn Site Mentions into Links


Try to stay updated whenever your site is mentions by setting up GOOGLE ALERT.

Google alert can help you keep tracks of your brand mentions across the internet. So in case you notice your site mentions are UN-linked it’s advisable for you to contact the site owner and request they turn the mention into a link. This can create back linking for your site and it has more impact on seo.

  1. On-Page Optimization

Google wants to assist you out. That’s why are have produced a search engine optimization (seo) starter guide that is meant for anyone interested in promoting their online content on Google search.

If you follow my guide here and reach the Google search engine starter guide you would noticed that we are actually saying same thing. Therefore I advise you also read the “Google search optimization starter guide” after reaching this article, but this article is more like a break down explanation.

Let Google know about your site and what’s your pages are all about

It’s important to let Google no what your pages are all about. You can do this by adding structured data throughout your site, for wordpress users you can install “yoast seo”. This seo plugin offers lost of functionality that can help grow your site ranking via Google search faster.

Schema is a format preferred by Google. Schema types includes business,authors,products,recipes and more. For wordpress users schema is always attached in an seo plugin e.g. – “yoast seo plugin or ultimate seo”.


It’s important to create a Unique, Brief & Descriptive Titles


Make sure to create a title that is professional/natural and descriptions that has good series of keywords.

Every page should have a unique title make sure you don’t forget that.


Craft ‘Clickable’ Meta Descriptions


It’s though that meta descriptions do have a direct impact on website’s ranking, but they also play a significant role in CTR. Therefore this can increase your site traffic.

Therefore it’s important to make all descriptions on your site unique and irresistible to click. If you aren’t making you of description on your website or Google doesn’t like your site descriptions. They would automatically generate one of your sites.

If you agree with me Meta descriptions might not have a direct impact on website ranking but has a direct impact on driving traffic to your site true search engines. So it’s important.

In Conclusion

Google has continue to close doors on spammy techniques and schemes so therefore anyone serious about digital marketing needs to take a long view.

Finally the strategies mentioned above aren’t new. They require hard work and a continual investment of time and resources.

I hope this article was helpful please leave comments below. Thanks guys don’t forget to read over or comment questions below if you having issues with understanding this article properly.

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