How to improve posture?

Life is changing fast today, we are changing along with it. There are various technical means in the life of a modern person - gadgets, which on the one hand make our lives very light, but on the other hand can be harmful to health. Let's find out what contributes to posture disorders.

  • We move less than our ancestors. Almost every family has their own car, we always use the elevators, we communicate more often with friends and relatives online without leaving our own home. As a result, modern man is threatened by hypodynamics (low physical activity).
  • Sedentary behavior changes the quality of life. Often due to low activity we have a bad mood: bad feeling,and of course sitting in a row like looking at the screen of a computer or smartphone, spoil our eyesight and posture.

The technical advances allow us to order the product we want, to find any information, to solve many household problems without leaving home with the click of a few buttons. Even the car can be charged without leaving the cabin. But if we count how much time we actually spend sitting, we will just be horrified.

How to maintain a straight posture and health?


 For the health of the musculoskeletal system it is necessary:

  • complete diet
  • Existence of well-developed muscles
  • Regular exercise (it promotes muscle development).


Signs of correct posture are:

high head, straight neck, pronounced chest. However, modern young people often have a rounded / curved back, with the head and shoulders tilted forward, the chest muscles shortened, and the back muscles lengthened and weak. Of course, over time, these changes become more pronounced.


Naturally, such posture disorders are not life-threatening.However, such a structure is a deviation from the norm of the musculoskeletal system, which should be corrected in time. How: Through physical exercises.



Of course, there are more serious situations when the deviations of the posture are expressed and increasingly, they deepen with age. One such disorder is pediatric idiopathic scoliosis. Scoliosis is a structural asymmetry of the spine that involves both lateral flexion and rotational component. Scoliosis worsens with the growth of the child and leads to serious disorders. Such cases require professional assessment and intervention. It is necessary to consult an orthopedist-traumatologist, perform X-ray examination, choose the right method of treatment.


In order to improve your posture, it is advisable to start with simple exercises, initially using relaxing exercises. By the way, such exercises will help to relieve both muscle tension and nervous tension.  

In general, a person has problems with the spine, because he always walks straight, lifts weights and carries at the expense of the back, not better developed thighs, arm muscles. And finally, there is a lot of stress in our lives, as a result of which we involuntarily round our backs and put our necks in our shoulders. In such situations, we need light, relaxing and relaxing exercises that will not only relieve muscle tension, but also improve the emotional state.

These goals pilates, strechinge (stretching exercises) and yoga . Each species is unique: has its own characteristics. You can choose any one according to your preferences and mood. Thus, Pilates will stretch, train the body, make it more active and agile.



Stretching will relieve muscle tension and promote full joint mobility.

Yoga is a set of mental-physical practices that aim at the harmony of body and soul, promotes mental-physical balance. 

Of course, other types of exercises are also quite useful for posture, especially swimming.

When planning your workouts, keep in mind that you can work out regularly. Very soon you will notice positive changes, such as feeling better, regaining strength, stretching your body, changing your body, calmer sleep, full sleep, and other benefits.

And over time, you can increase the load a little and to achieve the goal you want, for example, to train any muscle group. After all, dynamic exercises (such as swimming, dancing, soccer, etc.) are generally more beneficial for the body.

Don't have the opportunity to visit a fitness club? It does not mean that you have to live in the same passive mode, there is nothing you can do. Start with the simplest thing - morning exercise - this is a great way to start the day in good spirits, which by the way can be maintained throughout the day. Try to set aside at least 10-15 minutes a day for morning and evening workouts. That's enough to make you feel more active and well. Light exercise and gymnastics will help him get rid of fatigue and bad thoughts.


If you notice a deviation in posture, you need to fight them as soon as possible.

First, look at how you sit and in what position. Avoid putting your feet up and Control your back position. Sitting for a long time with a rounded back means that you are straining your chest muscles. Daily exercise of the muscles of the upper belt, stretching, will allow you to "open" the chest, improve the work of the respiratory muscles and breathing.

Many people have weak back muscles, they need to be trained and strengthened through simple basic exercises. People often have weak muscles in the buttocks, while the muscles in the back of the thighs are tense, which contributes to the tension in the muscles of the lumbar region. Special relaxation exercises are used to solve this problem.


So, take a stand and be more active. It is the guarantee of a high quality of life, and your joints and muscles will be very grateful to you.



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