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How To Promote Music online in Nigeria

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Promote Music online in Nigeria

Promote Music online in Nigeria

Promote Music online in Nigeria

Promote Music online in Nigeria

These days the internet is now opened to endless possibilities to promote your music, well my name is yanke succz and The Founder of Globng worldwide. I would like to give you some ideas on how to get your song promoted massively online this 2019.

Let look at some the key factor to successfully promote your music today. Lately the Nigeria music industry has grown faster in Africa most especially in Nigeria. Nigeria music industry has really upgraded lately. Getting famous in Nigeria isn’t an easy task anymore unlike early 2003, during the days of 2face and dbanj.

Let’s take a brief look at some strategies that could be used to promote your music in Nigeria right now.

These strategies are personally recommended.


  1. Using Social Media’s method.


Social media’s are one of the best strategies you could use to be a more successfully artiste in Nigeria. If you not on Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat etc., this days it almost like you don’t exist.

Some of the fastest ways to promote your music in Africa is via Facebook and twitter including instagram.  Let’s look at how you could use social media’s to promote your songs online.

How to use social networks to promote your song.

  1. Try opening a Facebook page, twitter account and a business page on instagram. See info on how to open a new Facebook page, twitter and instagram click here-
  2. Try running targeted adverts based on your niche (music). For info on how to run targeted adverts on social Medias click here…
  3. Try following other old and new music artiste page.
  4. Try to interact with other artiste in other to build up your fan base.
  5. Get a recorded video of you making music and have it posted on your social networks and if possible run a targeted advert in other to build up your fan base. For example, if you’re in the studio recording a new track, try sprinkling little updates on social media. Tell a story about your studio experience based on that day. Take photos /snap photos while you in the studio recording a new song and if possible also make a short teaser video of your new song and have it shared and promoted on all your social networks. If you are on a tour, take photos at every venues or event you attended and  share  short videos and photos of the audiences. These things are not obviously promotional but it still keeps your fans updated on what’s going on, It very important to always remember that social media isn’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to promoting your music. It can easily become a huge time suck that takes you away from your music if you don’t manage your time properly.

Also Read on- how to manage social media time.

  1. Promote Your Music on entertainment blogs.


If you want to promote your music, it isn’t just about sharing things to your fans. You also would want to reach out to new audiences and convert them to fans. Music blogs are great ways to do that. Nigeria bloggers are always looking for fresh, new content and the cool thing is , there are tons of smaller blogs that are totally within your reach as an indie artiste. Blogs also tend to have a pretty niche following. This actually means if your music runs on a blog, it’s guaranteed to be seen by people who already like the genre.

There are lots of new and old famous blogs in Nigeria but i would recommend few blogs. Listed below

And many more….


These are top Nigeria music blogs and having your song on this blogs mentioned above can help promote your music faster online. This blogs have a very high fan base and have lot of site visitors who are 100 percent ready to download old and new songs, having your song on this blogs can help you generate more den 100k downloads monthly. Also you can do some research, find blogs that covers the type of music, you into and send personal emails out to the bloggers.

Are there any interesting stories about your new album,songs,tour? Having/creating a new unique story will definitely help you stand out from the thousands of other musicians releasing an album. Try to make it easy as possible for them to cover your story and remember to treat them like people. Remember it’s all about establishing a good relationship.



You could also build a blog/or website for your brand- click here to read on how to create a music website/blog.

Your website shouldn’t be a static thing. It should be very  adapting and changing to reflect events in your career, basically, you want your fans stopping by your website frequently, the more often they visit your site the more they are exposed to your new and old albums,merch and tickets.

It’s fairly easy to set up a blog on the homepage of your website. Most website tools like wordpress, bandzoogle have a lot of blog capabilities and features. Try to plan out your blog post at regular intervals probably once a week or even twice a week and share anything you think your fans would find interesting. This could be the inspirations behind certain songs, new lyrical ideals you working on or even a funny story from your last band practice. Make sure to create a landing page on your website. Landing pages can be used to collect fans information’s such as email addresses, to raise more awareness, to give your fans more information or probably to make more album sales.


  1. Collaborate with Other Musicians.

Collaboration is an often overlooked aspect of music promotion. It’s a great way to get your music in front of a new group of people and grow your fan base exponentially. Try collaborating with musicians whose fans would appreciate your type of music.

You could also work together on a new song or album. Try to record a cover and release them on your YouTube channel, oh yah

I kind of  forgot it’s very important to have a YouTube channel  as an artiste.


………..Read on how to create a YouTube channel for an artiste…..


Obviously, you could also work together on a song or album. Try recording a cover song or two together and release them on your YouTube channels or Facebook pages.

 The key is to drive your fans to each other. If you create a song or video, link to each other’s website and social channels.

In conclusion:


Your music promotion strategy is obviously something that you refine over time, so i advice u don’t get frustrated if things takes time to come together.


Be strong

Be creative

Take advantage of new ideals. And be prayerful.

Need help from me whatsapp me via this number – +2348144959144

If this article has been helpful, i do appreciate if you could leave a comment below! And also help share via whatsapp, Facebook , Twitter and also on other social networks not mentioned. Once again my name is yanke succz thanks for reading my new article.





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