September 19, 2020

How to start a car wash business in Nigeria

How to start a car wash business in Nigeria

Car washing business is a business that has sprung up quite a lot, especially in big cities. Even so, Car washing services are needed because many people have cars, either private use or commercial use.

The car has become one of the transportation tools that are widely used by Nigerians people—various reasons people prefer to use Cars to support important activities every day.

The increasing number of people who have a vehicle certainly provides business opportunities that need to be utilized. One of them is by opening a Car washing service.

Car washing business opportunities are still very prospective, considering that many people do not have time to wash their own Cars—even some who are lazy to wash Cars and choose to wash it.

This business opportunity, if developed, can also produce significant benefits. The attraction of this service is that the tariff is very affordable, so people prefer this service to wash their motorbikes.

Preparation for Car Washing Business

For those of you who want to open a Car washing business, there are various things that must be prepared before starting this business. The following are things that must be considered in running this business.

   1. Choosing a Business Place

Opening a Car washing service should choose a place or location that is strategic and supportive for the continuity of this business. Choose a location that is crowded and easily accessible by your target market.

Choosing the right location is one way for this business to continue to survive and grow. Especially considering the increasing number of Car washing services that already exist.

2. Promotion Strategy

Starting a Car washing business requires an appropriate and attractive promotional strategy so that the business is easily recognized. Promotion can be done in various ways, from distributing brochures, discounts, to giving bonuses to build customer loyalty.

3. Service

One key to the success of a Car washing service business is providing good service. The results of the motor laundry must be clean and shiny so that it will make consumers satisfied and always want to use your services.

Business premises must be comfortable with a soft sofa for consumers while waiting for their motorbike to be washed, supporting facilities such as cold drinks, newspapers or magazines to television. Optimal service will make your Car wash preferred.

   The Need for Car Washing Equipment

To establish and run a Car washing business, there is various equipment that must be purchased and prepared from sofa chairs, cashier tables, tapes to the room. You also need to make banners, stamps, notes and membership cards.

For Car washing equipment including compressors, steam, sticks, hoses, inflators, snow wash tubes, water duster, handle brushes, brushes, oil spray, chamois, snow shampoo, tire polish, body polish, and dabbing soap.

In addition, you also have to take into account capital requirements for the cost of renting a place, the cost of renovating a place of business, marketing costs, water and electricity costs, employee salaries, to the cost of gasoline for operational and motor laundry needs.

Running a Car washing business also needs to control the availability of materials for washing Cars such as soap, water, wiping cloth, shampoo, tire polish and so on.

After the Car washing business is running and many customers, do not forget to set aside income. Especially to improve the comfort of the waiting room and buy other equipment so that washing motor faster and cleaner.

That’s a little review of the prospective motorbike washing business opportunities that promise big profits. Business services, of course, must pay attention to service so that customers are always loyal to return.