September 18, 2020

How to start home cleaning Service Business in Nigeria

How to start cleaning Service Business in Nigeria

Building a cleaning service business is not difficult. Even so, this house cleaning service business cannot be run arbitrarily or carelessly.

House cleaning services can be a job that is considered low for most people. Moreover, this work is often associated with domestic servants who are often underestimated.

Even though some people considered it as a dishonourable job if it is carried out seriously and consistently it is not impossible that this business will become a promising business.

Without the right strategy and hard work of any business, including cleaning service, the word success can be impossible to change. That’s why if you want to succeed, you have to do it well.

Important Steps to Build a Cleaning Service Business

Pioneering and building a service business is not easy. Especially if your capital is not large, you need an effective strategy to run it—the following strategies and important steps to start cleaning services.

1. Provide the Best Service

Generally, the cleaning service or house cleaning service will be very useful if the results are maximum. Your customers will certainly always be used when they want to clean their house again.

   Because it is essential to provide excellent service with work that truly satisfies the customer, besides being friendly, the work must also always be the main standard of your business that is always maintained.

2. Begin with a Small Contract

The type of cleaning service work depends on and is carried out based on contracts made with the homeowner. Rates for a house or building cleaning services can be calculated per work unit, per meter, or others.

The more types and the extent of the area that is cleared of course the tariff is also getting bigger. But you should adjust the area and weight of work with the ability of your company so as not to disappoint customers.

3. No Need for New Tools

In shopping for tools to run a cleaning service, it is better not to have a new one. The initial capital needed is just a few simple tools, such as brooms, rags and mops, brushes, buckets and vacuum cleaner tools.

If your business starts to develop later, you can add other tools such as polisher to polish ceramic, terrazzo, marble, or granite surfaces because the price of these tools is not low.

4. Adjust your Market Strategies

With this simple equipment, of course; the targeted cleaning service market must also be adjusted. For that, you can offer house cleaning services to household customers.

If later, your business is going well and successful, then you can glance at other market segments, such as government offices, shopping centres, or other warehouses.

   5. No Need to Brand

The next important thing in cleaning service that you must prepare is cleaning chemicals. But you don’t need to depend on the brand because of the important function.

The price of branded cleaning agents is generally around Rp. 20,000 per litre. Whereas for bulk chemical cleaners, the price is much more affordable, which is half or around Rp 10,000 per litre.

6. Prepare the means of transportation

If you bring a vacuum cleaner, you might be able to use a motorcycle. But if you are going to bring a polisher, you need to prepare a better fleet.

In addition to motorbikes, you also need to have adequate modes of transportation, such as a box or pick up cars. If you can’t, you can use a motorcycle like a tricycle that is cheaper.

Those are some strategies and steps to start building a cleaning service business. With proper planning and service, home cleaning services that you run can not be impossible to succeed.