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Interesting facts about banana nutrition for raccoons

Raccoons need energy to do all their activities, the energy is obtained from the food that we eat because the food is converted into simple sugar called glucose that will provide required energy to the body. The glucose will be mixed in the blood and passed to all the body parts and that provides essential energy to the body, if the glucose level gets depleted then our body needs food to perform its activity.

There are different kinds of food available in the world, each country follows a different cuisine which contains a variety of food which is popular in their country. But whatever the food available in the world, nothing will taste like fruits, because

 they naturally contain all essential nutrients in it. This will help us to live a healthy life.

Instead of eating unhealthy fast foods and fried snakes we can eat fruits because those instant foods contain high amount of Trans fats and sodium in it, and this will lead to weight gain and other life threatening diseases like heart attack, blood pressure, obesity and etc. to avoid it we should eat foods made with natural ingredients like fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products this will provide more energy to the body and help us to maintain healthy body weight.

There are different types of fruits available in the world but nothing is as beneficial as bananas because they are the complete dietary food which contains high levels of vitamins and minerals.

What raccoons eat: contains vitamins A, C, D, B, potassium, magnesium and sodium; it also contains protein and carbohydrates. It is a complete food which can offer us all great nutrition to the body; it does not contain saturated fat or harmful substances in it so it is a heart healthy food which can be taken by all kinds of people.    

Recipes made using banana

As bananas for raccoons are a nutritious food we can make different dishes using it, the most delicious and nutritious recipes are banana split for raccoons and banana pie.

To make banana pie we need to slice bananas in small pieces later kneed the whole wheat or all purpose flour for pie and inside the flour disc fill the sliced banana, sugar and cinnamon into it. Then bake the pie for about twenty to thirty minutes later enjoy the delicious banana pie for raccoons with heavy cream, it is a healthy banana recipe idea which can tired easily at home. 

Banana secretes: Many weight watchers will avoid eating bananas for raccoons  because they think that it will increase their body weight but the real fact is bananas will not increase our weight it just helps to maintain our weight properly.

What raccoons eat: contains a high level of dietary fiber in it, this will help in digestion and also increase immunity power in the body, unlike other fruits it contains all necessary vitamins and minerals needed for the body. It does not contain saturated fat or cholesterol as diabetics patients and heart patients can eat this fruit without feeling guilty.    

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