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iPhone and Samsung, which one is the best 2021

iPhone or Samsung; a debate which has lasted as long as their dominance. Two of the best mobile devices have gone toe-to-toe over the years. A lot of users have opted for the former as it has a stronghold of the market. On the other hand, Samsung has been a healthy competition for iPhone. Although Samsung is not the people’s favorite, its quality cannot be underrated. This article will discuss which device is best based on some key factors and features. So between iPhone and Samsung, which is better?

iPhone has the numbers in terms of users, but Samsung cannot be overlooked for its uniqueness.


iPhone Vs. Samsung

Before we compare the features of these two devices, we will be looking at each of them individually.



iPhone and Samsung, iPhone vs. samsung

Apple’s iPhone products are regarded as one of the best in the industry. The new iPhone 13, launched in September 2021, even provided some upgrades to the previous version. iPhone versions over the years have seen a lot of significant improvement in their features. The cameras, videos, battery, and other major features have all been upgraded with newer versions and models.



iPhone and Samsung, iPhone Vs. Samsung

Samsung is one of the best when it comes to smartphones and other electronic devices. They provide one of the best options for tablets, laptops, televisions, and other smart appliances.

Samsung mobile devices have a lot of amazing models available on the market. Its features are also comparable to that of the iPhones. However, Apple’s resurgence over Samsung does not take away its place as one of the best in the industry.

iPhone and Samsung mobile device users have split opinions on which one is best. Although both have unique and amazing features, the battle of the iPhone Vs. Samsung will continue for a long time.


Which is the best in 2021: iPhone or Samsung

According to market data by Gartner, Apple moved past Samsung as the biggest smartphone vendor in the World (2020).

Apple’s achievement was due to launching iPhone 12 with improved cameras and a 5G experience. It also helped apple reach over 80 million sales of new iPhones. Samsung, on the other hand, had about 18 million fewer devices.

As of February 2021, iPhone topped the chart of highest sales of smartphones, with Samsung in the second spot.

iPhone and Samsung are undoubtedly the best in the business at the moment. This fact begs the question, which one is better?


iPhone and Samsung: Comparison of its features       

These two devices are on par when it comes to their features and designs. However, it is obvious which of the two has the most sales. The bone of contention lies on which is better? Here we are going to compare how they fare against each other. So we are going to be comparing each of their recent devices; iPhone 12 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S21



Good cameras drive a lot of traffic and sales when it comes to smartphones. iPhone 12 has multiple lenses, which include a 12MP wide and Ultrawide on the 12. At the same time, the 12 Pro has the luxury of a 12MP telephoto. Apple has a Smart HDR feature which is amazing in blending multiple photos. It can also change the depth of images even after the shot has been taken.

Samsung, which also has great camera technology, uses three lenses for its Galaxy standard S21.

A 12MP wide and ultrawide, 64MP telephoto is quite impressive. The Pro, on the other hand, can get a boost with a 108MP wide-angle lens. Samsung Galaxy devices can adjust the scene quality if a particular object is recognized. This feature is called the ‘Scene Optimizer.’

Based on the Camera, iPhone and Samsung are amazing, but iPhone has a little edge over its competitor.

iPhone 1-0 Samsung



iPhone users are commonly known for running out of storage with no SD card slot available for iPhones. Samsung users didn’t have to worry about storage until this year where the SD card slot was not in the S21. However, Samsung phones have their minimum storage from 128GB to about 512GB. iPhone 12, on the other hand, has its storage starting from 64GB.

It means that you should know the storage capacity you might need before purchasing the iPhone 12 standard. The Pro and Pro Max of the iPhone 12, however, have their storage from 128GB to 514GB.

For all of Apple’s good intentions, having iPhone 12 with 64GB seems limited

iPhone 1-1 Samsung


Operating System

iPhone’s operating system is run by its iOS software, which Apple owns. It puts the responsibilities of updates and security under Apple’s control. Samsung, thus, is run by the Android operating system. Samsung has software known as ‘One UI,’ which is responsible for updates and functional improvements. The Android software provides more flexibility and can easily be customized. Although both operating systems have some advantages over the other, Apple’s iOS wins it overall.

Apple’s iOS could brag of better security, better designs, and some of the most important features. Android, on the other hand, has better App stores and some features which are not of much importance and which can be accessed with iOS.

iPhone 2-1 Samsung


Phone Designs

iPhone and Samsung have all evolved with their designs and features over the years. A lot of users might not like the notch that houses the camera in iPhone products. However, the present designs are a million miles improved compared to the previous ones. iPhone 13 is evidence of this as the face ID mask is 20% smaller than the 12.

Samsung designs are also amazing and have evolved over the years. Instead of a notch, Samsunhasve a hole in the front camera, which houses the lens.

Samsung Galaxy S21 iPhone 12. However, iPhone 12 displays better quality even in sunlight.

iPhone 3-1 Samsung

The metrics we have used to make our verdict are arguable as individual preference, and the user’s purpose also matters.

Nevertheless, both iPhone and Samsung are among the best, so whichever you go for might not make a big difference. They are both amazing mobile devices but the debate of iPhone Vs. Samsung will continue for years.


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