July 13, 2020

Islamic Ruling Concerning Praying Behind Imam through Television or Radio

Frequently it becomes an issue of discussion among the Muslim that “is it permitted to a Muslim pray behind imam on television or radio knowing that the mosque are closed due to an epidemic (Corona / Covid 19)?

Praise be to God, and may blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of God, his family, companions, and those followed them with good until the day of judgement. And after.

The prayer in congregation is great and its reward is great, and it is obligatory according to the correct view of the scholars. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, urged us to preserve it.

The Almighty said: (And establish prayer and pay alms and kneel with the kneelers), so it should not be left behind except for a legitimate excuse, for Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him, said that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whoever hears the call and does not answer it, there is no prayer for him except for an excuse” They said O Messenger of God, what is the excuse?

He said: (fear or illness) narrated by Ibn Majah. So If there is an excuse, the commissioning of the congregation has fallen, whether it’s Friday and others, because the commissioning is unbearable, not legally valid. As for the prayer behind the means of communication, such as television and the like, it is not valid, nor is it permissible or obligatory, because the prayer is a legitimate, special, ritual shape that has no compromise, because he said, may God bless him and grant him peace: (“Pray as you have seen me praying”). And because prayer behind the television, radio and the like, the congregation is not fulfilled because the imam is away from his followers and separated from them. Because in the hadiths concerning leading in prayer is a clear indication of meeting in one place, so it’s necessary for those following the imam to come closer and stay with him till the end of the prayer and this does not be achieved in prayer behind the television.

Moreover, there is a clear and unnecessary cost, and a new and unacceptable creation of a new shape, and people may take this as an excuse to abandon mosques after the covid19 is over.

Accordingly, all acts of worship must be adhered to as correct and legally established without regard to something else. So this is the correct view and the views of scholars of the age and God only knows.

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