Meet the man who has not bath for over 60 years [Photos]

How many times a day do you take a shower? And for years, have you stopped to count how many times you go into the shower to do your personal hygiene? Well, most people won't even be able to answer this last question, since the amount of baths taken by a large part of the world's population for a year is very high.

In the case of this man we are going to meet today, however, the answer is simple: He does not take a bath a day, and the year does not change the result either. That's because, 6 years ago, this Iranian named Amou Haji hasn't even taken a shower!


Meet the man who has not bath for over 60 years 2

He is probably the man with the most accumulated dirt on his body. Loved Haji is 80 years old and has not showered since he was 20 , in an attitude that justifies the idea that "cleanliness brings disease". The record of being without a bath belonged to an Indian, but now belongs to this Iranian, who lives in isolation in the southern province of Fars.

Haji is so dirty that he could easily camouflage himself through the earth or be mistaken for a statue man. But if you think the amazing information ends here, pay attention: Haji hates clean water and fresh food . How do you survive? Eating rotten pork and drinking water from a rusty old kennel (it's still hard to believe it's still alive, even for over 80).

Meet the man who has not bath for over 60 years 3

The origin of the old man's radical decision is not known, which, as if all this were not enough, still smokes a pipe with animal droppings instead of tobacco at the end of meals and lives in a kind of solitary grave. It is believed, however, that it came from some ancient disturbance.


The truth is that he seems happy with the decision, look:

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