August 10, 2020

Miracle!: Meet a 114-year-old Ethiopian recovered from Covid19:

With the increasing number of infections from the Corona virus around the world, there are many stories that give everyone hope for recovery in the case of infection with this virus that struck the world at the beginning of this year.
 From Ethiopia, the name of Michaels father, Tailahon has become the most searched name on social media platforms, due to the story of his recovery from the corona virus.
 Many find the story of a 114-year-old monk who considered as one of the old people there, with a story of hope for the rest of the infected cases, especially since it is known how dangerous the virus is to the elderly, but this man managed to recover and return to life again.
 Monk Tailahon, Michael,s father was discharged from the hospital early this week, after spending nearly three weeks there.
 While in hospital, the monk received oxygen and dexamethasone, a cheap and widely available “steroid” that researchers said in England it cuts deaths by up to a third among people with severe illnesses.
 Tailahon’s grandson, Binyamin Loulisgid, stated that he does not have a birth certificate confirming the monk’s age, but  he displayed a picture of him celebrating his 100th birthday, confirming that he is older than that.
 Binyamin told The Press that his grandfather “seemed young at the time as well” and stated that he was affected when his grandfather was taken to the hospital, “But I am very happy that we are together again.”
 It is strange stories that the monk in his youth, moved to Addis Ababa from southern Ethiopia when he was young and lived in turmoil times in his country, the monk says that he witnessed the Italian occupying between 1935 and 1941, the overthrow of Emperor Haila Selassie in 1974, and the collapse of the Marx regime in 1991  , Has now escaped from Covid 19