August 13, 2020

Nicotine can protect Smokers from the Corona virus.

In a new research conducted by the French Academy of Sciences, assured that smokers are less likely to be infected with the Corona virus, though, the research aren’t final but very surprising and strange.
Researches show that nicotine can protect smokers from the new Corona virus, which came when examining 482 patients with Covid19, who were admitted to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, researchers found that only 5% are smokers per day, which is far but 25.4% within the French population Who smoke a day.
Given the tiny size of the study that didn’t include patients in medical care , researchers strongly suggest that daily smokers have a way lower risk of developing a significant infection or symptoms of covid19 compared to the overall population
talking to with France media [ Inter France] the researcher and general medicine specialist, Zaher Amoura, said: “Basically, we’ve 80% fewer smokers among Covid 19 patients than within the general population of an equivalent sex and age.”
This study demonstrated that among the 11,000 patients who were hospitalized with the virus, only 8.5% were smokers, which is far less than the 25.4% of the French population who smoke.
 following the Chinese study, published within the New England Journal of drugs , determine that only 12.6% of Covid19 patients, 1,000, were smokers, although smokers made up 28% of the Chinese population.
Originally, smoking was thought to extend the danger of corona virus infection , thanks to the affinity of the virus with an enzyme called ACE-2, which is found in greater numbers of smokers.
one among the researchers, Jean-Pierre Chanks, a neuro scientist, told AFP that by linking it with an equivalent receptor employed by the Corona virus, nicotine from cigarette smoke can prevent the agent that causes the disease from entering the lungs of smokers.
Probably these studies seem promising, nobody should resort to smoking cigarettes to guard from the virus.